Ballin IN the Ballroom CRazzy Top Plays!

Cal Sparks put on Ball IN The Ballroom in Las Vegas, NV. A lot of talented teams and players were definitely on display and several players stepped up big time for their teams.

Cal Sparks: Lajahna Drummer aggressive on the inside, Jaelyn Brown your all around player, Jordin Canada made unbelievable type plays, Kristen Simon held down the paint, Arica Carter is solid on both ends of the floor, Jada Matthews was on the boards.

TN Flight: Your usual suspects, Crystal Dangerfield, Alexa Middleton Rachel Bell, the Entire Squad!

NorCal Sparks: Bri Moore pulled off some tough shots, Simone Sheppard stepped up BIG time and did moves that you rarely see post players do, Aaliyah Pena also stepped up Big in the post as well she showed some nice foot work, Zonyia Cormier and Erika Bean brought more of an offensive presence to the team.

Stockton Mav: One of my favorite teams to watch because they are so young, Micole Cayton, Sierra Smith, Kat Tudor, Carlissa Shipp, Naje Murray, Angel Johnson, they all did work. Be on the lookout for the Entire Squad!

San Jose Cagers: Kelli Hayes went to work and Jahnay Anderson was lighting it up from 3.

New Mexico Heat: Alexa Romano and Dani Williams c/o 2015 “Oh My Gosh” they can play and shoot, keep an eye out for these two. Don’t sleep on New Mexico!

EBX: Mikayla Cowling showed out, Morgan Green, Elayshia Woolridge is on the rise watch out for her, Taylor Berry.

San Antonio’s Finest: Definitely a nice squad Recee’ Caldwell did work pulled off some difficulty shots, Amber Ramirez so young but so gifted great I.Q,  Gabbie Bowie athletic player with a nice shot, #9,#45, #33, #10 all did work as a team.

WCP: Kennedy Burke did some damage, Khalia Lark came up big and hit some key shots, Demoria White held it down at the PG position.

CyFair: BROOKE MCCARTY in all caps was a BEAST!!, Olivia Ogwumike, Lashann Higgs is nasty has some razzle dazzle to her shots, Kennedy Leonard played very well and pulled of some nice shots.

Team Concept: Was led by a 2017 Bendu Yeaney crazy athletic, she is on the Come Up!

Cal Sparks U15: Celeste West in the paint!, Ayanna Clark is just on the rise the kid is nice, Tania Lamb, Brittney Reed, just watch out for the THIS WHOLE SQUAD!

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We cover Girls Basketball and travel to so many places throughout the year looking for special talent, top teams, rival games, and playoffs! We decided to allow people to watch and getter a better understanding besides reading about it or seeing a photo of a player/team. Feel free to chime in and let us know what other talent is out there!

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