Elite Prospect Games!

Elite Prospects

The Elite Prospect Games was a success. Glad these girls had the opportunity to play each other and test their abilities against some top talent. Special Thanks to all the parents, fans, spectators, John Phillips, Tierra Rogers of Cal, Danielle & Shannon Mauldin of St. Mary’s College to come out and Coach these girls, Coach Rob Spencer for the help, Harold Abend of Cal-Hi Sports for announcing, Clay Kallam for Sport Stars Mag, and Doug Benton for NorCalPreps for coming out as well.


Standout Players Rising Stars: Jahnay Anderson of Mitty has improved so much, her shot is still wet with a quick release and even put the ball on the floor and hit a nice floater, Sami Oliver WC Xtreme MVP showed her athleticism on the fast breaks, filled the lanes and grabbed some put backs on the offensive end, Stephanie Moore of Modesto Magic is going to be your dirty work player she hustles on both ends plays with her hands up and can score if need be, Tiara Chinn of FBC has improved as well, I like that she pushes the ball and not afraid of contact she will take it to the whole, Madison Witcher of NorCalSparks is more of traditional smooth PG she likes to get the team involved and dish it off for the assist but she will score if you leave her open, Lexi Thompson of Stanco Stampede a young one on the rise I definitely like her aggressiveness and her ability to attack, she will only get better I can just tell, Julian Robinson of Kennedy held her own in the paint area and was on the boards, Nydajah Jackson of Piedmont is on the rise, definitely uses her speed to get to the rack and defends well, Gabi Bade of Pinewood, wow is she intense on both ends a hustle player for real very uptempo Guard, Sierra Smith of St. Mary’s Stockton is on the rise she will only get better, she displayed some nice passes and was aggressive on defense.

Notable Mentions: Kaylonii Bardell of Kennedy, Kennedi Villa of NorCal Future, Shea Craven of Stanco Stampede


Standout Players The Future: Mya Blake of Stockton Lynx and Milan Tuttle of NorCal Future will be the 4th grade rival, I really like these two. Mya is definitely a “Show Time” player and its crazy that she can pull off these moves and these passes, she has really good court vision for her age, Milan Tuttle is not afraid of a challenge, she went right back at Mya on the offensive end and pulled off some nice assist as well. It’s good to see players go at it because it brings out the best in each player, it’s fun to watch, and it’s out of respect. To you older players take note, don’t run from a challenge!
Leah Walton of Lafayette Lightning our MVP showed out and came to play!! Watch out for this girl here she took it inside and out. Very solid player I can only see her getting better each year. Anjel Galbraith of NorCal Future did her thing on the offensive end pulled off a nice step back and a couple pull up jumpers, Ayon Carter of Ca Ballaz is one to watch as well she has some spice to her game she has some moves on her, Stella Kailahi of Palo Alto Midnight is really good she has size to her that makes it difficult to guard becuase she can attack the rim or dish it off to the open teammate. Brianna Claros of Palo Alto Midnight did not disappoint she is a solid PG with nice handles on her that can score and get to the basket, Nyah Willis of Santa Teresa is nice, I can only see her getting stronger,taller, and better and she pulled off a nice reverse layup, Mikayla Edwards of NorCal Future is another good player as well very aggressive and can put the all on the floor and shoot, I would have liked her to have been more aggressive on the offensive end on Saturday though. Kimberly Masulit of Hayward Swoosh is nice, I like that she can attack the rim and shoot the outside shot, Dominique Lewis was definitely aggressive on the boards and grabbed a few put backs while she was banging in the paint.

Notable Mentions: Ashley Thoms of Lafayette Lightning, Llmar’l Thomas of MRC Rebels, Delia Moore of Modesto Magic


Your usual suspects came to PLAY & they have gotten better since last year!! Kelli Hayes of Mitty went to work, she knocked down pull up 3’s, took it to the whole and showed off some up and under foot work, The Lob City Crew Mikayla Cowling and Gabby Green of St. Mary’s did damage on the offensive end, Desire Finnie of Berkeley was in there blocking shots getting it done of offense and her shot has improved so much, very fun to watch, Asha Thomas of Bishop O’Dowd is on a level on her own she keeps improving and works hard, she even won the dunk contest by pulling off a Nasty Windmill!! Simone Sheppard of NorCal Sparks is nice in the paint her foot work and her all around game has improved, she is going to continue doing damage come high school season. Kat Tudor of St. Mary’s knocked down the a couple 3 balls like she always does, a shooter for real! Jai Welch Coleman of Berkeley displayed that crossover, some really nice passes, and knocked down some long range 3’s, Nadene Hart of San Jose Metro was in the paint and showed off an easy pump fake that had two defenders flying each way, Bri Moore of St. Mary’s put on some nice moves for the crowd and knocked down a couple 3’s, Jasmine Hampton of EBX showed off some foot work in the paint and knocked down a nice jumper, Lexi Tubbs of Modesto hit a nice step back jumper to start off the game, Morgan Green of EBX made some nice passes and knocked down some 3 balls, Aisia Robertson of Bishop O’Dowd knocked down some shots showed some solid defense with some blocks, Kelea Dennis of Team Mariani banged in the paint, was on the glass and got some offensive buckets.

Notable Mentions: Erika Bean of Bradshaw Christian


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