Game Time Showcase Middle School Session


The young up and coming talent came through the Game Time Showcase to get that work in with Project Basketball. Very impressed with the talent that came through Northern California.

Watch Full Games Below

Game 1

Game 2

Game 3

Hayley Van Dyke 5’10 F 2018 for Lafayette Lightning. Tremendous size that has guard tendencies, she keeps the ball high when turning to face up which is very good, she can be a very versatile player if she keeps working on her all around game.

Leah Walton 5’2 G 2018 for Lafayette Lightning. Smart and unselfish player that likes to distribute, she can score inside and out, positive attitude and will only get better if she continues to work.

Jordan Sweeney 5’6 G 2019 for the Warriors. She can shoot, definitely played well in the games. Ran the floor well and made the extra pass to an open teammate.  Continue to work on her dribbling and fundamentals and she can be really good.

Nyah Willis 5’6 G 2019 for Bernal Middle. Great size and athletic, very physical player not afraid of contact. Will definitely be a player to watch if she continues to work on her all around game.

Lilyanne Nieto 5’3 G 2018 for the Warriors. Really enjoyed her game, she has a nice scoop shot, runs the floor, dribbles with her head up, made some nice assist. At times you could tell she may have looked tired but she kept pushing past the fatigue and seen that there was NO QUIT in this player. Solid game needs to work on her left and continue to work on fundamentals.

Leilani Augmon 5’4 G 2019 for Chaboya Middle. She came to play, hit some nice 3 pointers has good range. Crashed the boards, ran the floor and showed off some nice dribbling skills. Definitely a player to watch if she keeps working on her game.

Faith Spencer 5‘3 G 2019 for WCI. She is tough and aggressive. Can knock down the open jumper, has great speed. Needs to keep working on her dribbling and maneuvering through traffic. Has passion for the game and will continue to work.

Jessica Solis 5’3 PG 2018 for Sequoia. Not afraid of contact, played with confidence, was able to knock down shots and attack the rim. Needs to continue to work on her dribbling, shooting, and decision making.

Erica Miller 5’7 F 2019 for Cal Stars. Will take it to you. Definitely has the IQ of what to do on offense. Made some nice moves attacking the rim. She will be a very nice player as she continues to grow and work on her all around game.

Madison Campbell 5’5 G 2019 for Kastner. Real nice player that really uses her jab step to fake defenders. Good court vision, ran the floor nicely, solid offense and defense game. Can only see her getting better, has a positive attitude, as a guard she has to work on her dribbling, passing, and shooting.

Hayley Reyes 5’3 PG 2018 for Excelsior. Strong aggressive player, showed off some nice foot work on offense. Made some nice passes in the open court. Needs to keep working on her fundamentals.

Kaitlin Leung 5’3 PG 2019 for WC Extreme. She was your hustle player. She may not have been the biggest but she crashed the boards and pulled down some rebounds. Physical player definitely not afraid of anyone on the court, she came to play. Just needs to work on her dribbling, shooting etc if she plans on playing the PG.

Kristel Neypes 4’6 PG 5th for Cal Stars. Size does not matter and this kid has heart and hustle. She did the dirty work, and knocked down some shots on offense. If she continues to stay in the gym and improves on her game, height won’t even matter.

Kate Miles 5’9 F 2018 Joaquin. Has some good size on her. Crashed the boards and knocked down some jumpers. Needs to be more aggressive and physical and continue working on her dribbling. She can be a versatile player.

Isabelle Chung 5’0 G 2019 for Kennedy. Finishes at the rim, runs the floor and fills the lanes, gets back on defense. Knock down some key shots. Needs to work on being more aggressive, ball handling, and fundamentals.

Champney Pulliam 5’7 G 2019 for Cal Chaos. Made some nice passes in the open floor and has a nice shot. Needs to work on taking contact as far as being physical on the boards. Has nice size as well nice length, continue to work on fundamentals and dribbling.

Gamila Pierce 5’6 F 2019 for Stockton Lynx. She has the size and length and can only see her getting taller. Needs to work on footwork, shooting, dribbling etc, because she has potential of being a versatile player.

Notable Mentions: Stay in the gym and keep working if you really want it, Good Job Maya Sheppard, TJ Roberts, Carla Pelino.

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