Hoop-A-Holics Recap Part 1

Hoop-A-Holics Recap Part 1

Hoop-A-Holics brought out some very talented players across Texas and even surrounding states from Arkansas and Oklahoma. The Skills Session was led by Tyler Relph Basketball and Simmie Colson of Girlz Prep Report was there to scout the talent at the Duncanville Fieldhouse.

Game 1 Court 2

Game 1 Court 3

Game 2 Court 2

Part 1 of the Standout Players include:

Ta’Niya Jackson: 5’1 7th Grade PG for the South Texas Hoyas had some nice hands on defense,was able to make several steals. Has some nice handles, can get to the rack and finish, and knock down shots from the outside.

Shae Routt: 6’2 8th Grade Forward for Imperial Ice was nice in the paint. She grabbed boards, blocked shots, and displayed some nice footwork down low. She has the potential to be a very good player if she becomes more versatile to play the 2-4 positions. If she adds more handles to her game and a jumper along with a 3 point shot, she can be ridiculous.

Jaden Owens: 5’6 7th Grade PG is real nice, she can see the floor very well, nice handles with the ball. She can definitely create for herself and her teammates. Definitely a player to watch for in the future.

Mikaela McGuire: 5’10 8th Grade Center for the Lady Big Dogs held her own and held it down in the paint. She used her body well when grabbing rebounds and going up for the put back.

Alycia Shufford: 5’7 8th Grade Guard for the Lady Big Dogs came and put in work! Very impressed on the things that she could do. She got to the rack, made some nice no look passes, and knocked down shots. Very aggressive and strong player, keep an eye on this one.

Briauna Johnson: 5’3 7th Grade PG for DFW Elite Miller. She was amazing. Her handles were official, her shot was on point, she has real nice form. She could come down and pull up easy. Her all around game is there for a PG, very impressed with her game, a definite player to follow.

Kaylee Jefferson: 5’10 8th Grade Forward for the Lady Big Dogs was extremely dominate in the paint. She attacked the rim, defended well, had a nice drop step to the basket, was consistently on the boards. Even though she is listed as a Forward, she seemed so comfortable at the Post position. She will only get taller and as she grows Kaylee should work on being a versatile player at the 3-5 position, would like to see her score from the inside and outside equally well. Be on the lookout.

Mallory Adams: 5’11 8th Grade Forward got the job done. She showed some versatility playing inside and even did well at the PG position. She can handle the ball, drive and dish, and get buckets. Definitely has some range from 3 point land. Follow this player.

Dari Gabriel: 5’7 8th Grade PG for Riverwood Middle happened to be a walk up. She has some game to her, and definitely liked the back board from 3 point land. She comes off as shy but I know she has more game then she displayed because she showed off the handles when needed. Dari has some potential.

Tatum Veitenheimer: 5’7 8th Grade PG for Adidas Elite was very nice. She was on the ball, she played solid defense, finished at the rim, strong athletic player, and made some nice no look passes. If there were any soft passes that came her way it was an automatic steal. Tatum has some flare to her game, plays with confidence, and very physical. A definite player to watch.

Jordyn Oliver: 5’5 7th Grade Guard for Reynolds Middle was about attacking the basket! She knew when to score, and when the opportunity presented itself, she took it. She knocked down the outside shot and drove to the basket. Jordyn was not a player to leave open, you have to defend her. A lot of potential in this player, would like to see her finish with the left a little more.

Brianna Mitchell 5’3 8th Grade PG for DFW Elite was a smooth flashy player. She also had handles and could get to the rack and finish. She read the floor well and found the open teammate. Really impressed with some of the moves she did. Another player to lookout for.

Jasmynne Brown: 5’9 6th Grade Forward for Team Ichiban. She can be very good once she gets that footwork down. She has great size and looks taller than 5’9. Jasmynne has a lot of potential and did good when going to the basket. Would like to see her become more aggressive and finish when making contact. Her game can be unlimited if she keeps improving.

Tayelin Grays: 5’6 8th Grade PG for DFW. Definitely caught my attention, she made strong passes to the open teammate, made smart decisions, knew how to finish when making contact. She dribbled with her head up and knew where the open teammate was. She played smart, a definite player to follow.

Jessica Paz Y Puente: 5’3 7th Grade PG for the South Texas Hoyas was smooth. Some of the passes she made were pretty nasty. Another player with some flash and can handle the ball. She can get her teammates the ball that’s for sure. Definitely like her game, keep an eye out!

Kayleigh Truong: 5’5 7th Grade Guard for Imperial Ice was fun to watch. She can shoot, handle the ball, finish at the rim, a nice all around game. Very smart player in the making she can only get better. A player to watch!

Payton Hicks: 5’3 7th Grade PG for the Lions is a ball player. She can make some tough shots and plays her position very well. Payton can penetrate and get to the rack, very skilled at handling the ball, dropping dimes, and getting buckets. Can shoot well from the outside would like to see her finish with the left a little more. Another player that will do well as she progresses.

Nyah Green: 5’11 7th Grade Guard is just a rare bread. She just does some amazing things on the court from the ball handling to the step back to the no look passes, she makes it look easy. She definitely works hard and puts time into getting better and it shows. DO NOT SLEEP on this on!

Sydney Hardeman: 5’10 8th Grade Guard is one to watch, she has great length to her, can shoot, and knows where the open teammate is. She can also go around defenders and get to the rack with an easy pump fake. Would like to see her be more physical and tad bit more explosive to rim.

Maria Fernandez: 5’4 8th Grade PG for North Texas Strive is tough. She plays with confidence and will attack to the rim. Not afraid of going at the bigger players. She was able to get some steals, take it coast to coast and finish on the other end. Gets the job done on offense and defense. Definitely like this player!

Alyssa Difore: 5’7 8th Grade Guard did several things well on the court. When she penetrated she automatically passed to the open teammate, knew when the opportunity was  open to take the shot. She plays smart. Pay attention to this one.

Nina Milliner: 5’3 6th Grade PG for Team Ichiban displayed some very nice court vision with the passes she was able to squeeze in there to the open teammate and had a nice jumper.

Carolyn Washington: 4’6 5th Grade PG for the Lady Panthers showed a lot of heart out there. She held her own and came prepared as she wore knee pads and used them as she hustled on several occasions to get the ball. Played solid defense and was able to create some turnovers against the offensive team.

Addison Ryan: 5’7 8th Grade PG for Lone Star has game. Definitely like her handles and her ability to shoot and attack the basket. Plays with a lot of confidence, makes nice passes, she is no push over, will go at you. A definite player to look out for.





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