Hoop-A-Holics Recap Part 2

Hoop-A-Holics Recap Part 2

Hoop-A-Holics Recap Part 2 of more Standout Players.

Session 2 Game 2

Session 2 Game 3

Deyona Gaston: 5’11 6th Grade Forward for Morris Middle School came and made a statement in session 2. She was physical, grabbed boards, could shoot from the outside, blocked shots. She had all around game and for her height, she did exactly what she was suppose to do, DAMAGE! A definite player to watch would like to see her add some ball handling to her game so she is more versatile at the 2-3 position.

Charli Collier: 6’4 8th Grade Forward the UT commit, came through and dominated that paint. Block shots if you came near her, did her drop step with ease, turn around face up jumper was on point. Brought the ball up the court on occasion if the PG was not available. The match up between Charli and Elizabeth Scott was entertaining to watch.

 Deja Kelly: 5’6 6th Grade PG for the South Texas Hoyas is another youngin to lookout for. She distributes the ball very well, with her handles she can get to the rack when she wants. Also makes smart decisions on when to shoot and when to drive. Would like her to be more of a vocal leader on the court.

Elizabeth Scott: 5’10 7th Grade Forward for DFW is nice! Love how she can bring the ball up the court. Is very vocal and calls for the ball with her hand up to let her teammates know she is open. Will dive on the floor for a loose ball, everything you want in a player coming up she does it. Very coordinated and skilled, runs the floor.

Kennedy Taylor: 5’3 8th Grade PG  for the Lady Big Dogs showed some great court vision as well and knew where her teammates were. Made some nice finishes to the basket, played solid defense, and had a nice jumper along with some range from 3 point land.

Kennady Tucker: 5’8 7th Grade PG for Pulaski Heights can definitely play. Another player that can take it coast to coast if you let her. Has some nice moves to the rim, would like to see a little more explosion in that first step. Very alert and aware on the court, she was able to get some steals and block shots. Would like to see more from her. A definite player to pay attention to!

Sarah Gwin: 5’4 7th Grade Guard for the South Texas Hoyas showed a  good offensive side. Liked her one hand floater when she penetrated the middle. Was able to knock down the jumper. Would like to see more confidence in her ball handling.

Brionna Lowmack: 5’0 7th Grade PG for the Playmaker’s out of Oklahoma. She made some nice passes was able to knock down the 3 ball for sure. Would like to see her be more physical and tighten up the ball handling. Enjoyed seeing what she could do.

Brooke Habeck: 5’8 8th Grade Foward for Central Texas. Impressed at what she could do, she played a little of every position but was surprised at how she handled the PG position because she made some very good passes. Her shot from outside was money, was able to drive and finish. Would like to see her tighten up her ball handling skills and keep working on the jumper. Brooke can only get better if she keeps working!

Alexis Vera: 5’2 8th Grade PG for San Antonio’s Finest was definitely one to watch. She was a spark when she subbed in the game, plays with high intensity, talks on offense and defense, was able to stop and pop and get to the rack. She works hard on the court so it must match how she practices. A player to watch!

Celeste Moore: 5’1 8th Grade PG for the Lady Bull Dogs was physical, strong, and attacked the rim when it was open. Solid on defense, she liked to pressure and stay up and sit on the pass. Also, made some nice passes on the penetrate and dish.

Ashley Adaszczyk: 5’1 7th Grade PG for the San Antonio Islanders. Very spectacular at what she did, her ball handling was there, she was able to get the rim what some of the moves she made. She see’s the floor well, makes great passes. She can shoot the pull up jumper, she is a definite player to be on the look out for!

Aja Holmes: 5’6 6th Grade Guard for San Antonio’s Finest did some nice things on offense. She finished difficult shots, showed off the step back and spin move, impressed at what she could do. Has some nice length to her and would like to see her go left a little more. A lot of potential in this player, watch out!

Ceyenne Mass: 5’3 6th Grade Guard for the Junior Thunderbirds. Solid court awareness was shocked at one of the no look passes she made because it was difficult to make. She was able to knock down the jumper and finish at the rim. Would like to see her be more physical and tighten up the ball handling.

DiJanae McCarty: 5’6 7th Grade PG. She is a killer, real nice with the handles and it allows her to get the rim. Her court vision is solid, she makes the extra pass to the open teammate, but she is a scorer. Would like to see her improve on that outside shot. A player to watch for sure!

Deucee Reed: 4’6 4th Grade PG for NT United showed a lot of potential. She can handle the ball and knocked down some shots. She just wanted to play so she was NOT afraid of the older players. She held her own and she did a good job.

Noel Gibson: 5’3 5th Grade PG for the Lady Panthers also did not shy away from the competition. She had some skills and was impressed at some of the outside shots she made. She has a lot of potential as well as she gets older. She has a good understanding of what to do with the ball!

Taylor Thomas: 5’3 7th Grade Guard for Imperial Ice was also a nice player. She did a good job on offense, knocked down open shots and was able to penetrate and finish when the lane opened up. She has some potential.

Taylor Morgan: 5’4 6th Grade Guard could shoot. She knocked down several open and contested shots. Would like to see her handle the ball a little more and get to the rack. She is still young but has potential if she keeps working.

Makenna Long: 4’11 Grade Guard for North Texas Lights Out could definitely shoot it! Surprised at how much range she had for her size but she could put it in the basket. Would like to see her handle the ball a little more and work on her off the dribble pull up. She has potential.

Halle Jones: 5’4 7th Grade for DFW was able to finish in the open court and made some nice moves against defenders. Would like to see more explosion to the basket, tighten up that handle, and be more physical. She has potential.

Hannah Adkins: 5’6 8th Grade Guard for Lone Star Select did very well, was able to get some steals and take it coast to coast and finish. Physical player not afraid of contact, would like to see her drive left more. also has more names that were mentioned.

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