Carolina’s Finest!

Carolina's Finest

Check out these BALLERS from North & South Carolina. Amazed at the the talent and mindset of these players, they play with a lot of confidence. Was able to get a select group of talent in the gym, ranging in different classes and have them go at it. Special Thanks to Momentum Skills Academy for putting this together.

Dazia Powell – 5’9 Guard- 2017, Millbrook H.S, Raleigh, NC – She played fearless, attacked the basket when it was open, knocked down some tough shots. Needs to continue to attack and get stronger as well as tighten up her ball handling. She has the mindset and potential to being a dominant player.

Rashika White–  6’2  Forward/Center- 2016, Berry Academy, Charlotte, NC – Has great size understands the game and will make a solid forward if she becomes more aggressive and stronger when attacking the rim. Needs to tighten up the dribble so she can be more of a versatile player.

Tierra Wilson- 5’5 PG-2017, Atkins H.S., Winston Salem, NC. Can definitely shoot it from outside. Has nice quickness and defends well on defense. Plays with great intensity and confidence. Needs to work on her decision making on when to take the easy pull up instead of going into traffic. She can definitely play.

Mikayla Boykin– 5’9 PG- 2017, Clinton H.S., Clinton, NC – A straight BEAST! Her confidence makes her good. Strong, solid, attacks the rim, plays fearless. She can be great, just needs to tighten up her dribble and continue to work on her mid-range and outside shot.

Deja McCain– 6’0 Forward- 2015, Audry Kell H.S. Strong player, great size, has a lot of potential, played physical, not afraid of contact. Needs to keep working on her ball handling and jumper. Can be very good if she adds versatility to her game.

Dominque Claytor – 5’9 Guard- 2016, Wintson Salem Prep, Wintson Salem N.C  She has a nice skill set and size, another smooth player that can shoot. She has some moves on her and can attack the basket when the opportunity is there. Can be a very good player if she continues to work on her all around game.

Zaria Wright – 5’7 Guard-2017, Mallard Creek H.S., Charlotte, NC Can score if you leave her open, would like to see her attack more and be more physical. Has a lot of potential.

Jamie Hazell– 5’5 PG- 2019, East Garner Middle School, Raleigh, NC. Pretty fearless and tough for a 6th grader, couldn’t tell she was that young when she stepped on the court. Has great reaction speed on defense can be really good as she develops. Needs to continue to work on her shot and tighten up the dribble.

Janay Sanders– 5’8 Guard-2018, Southlake Christian H.S., Charlotte, NC. She has nice length and would like to see her be more physical. She has the right skills and would like to see her tighten up her ball handling so she can create space to show off her shot. Still young but would like to see more from this player since she has great length.

Jamie Cherry– 5’6 PG- 2014 (UNC commit) West Craven H.S., Cove City, NC. She’s a nightmare on the court, BEAST, a rare breed, can shoot lights out, crazy handles. Destined for greatness, her mentality is a KILLER on the court, plays with so much confidence.

D.J Howard– 6’0 Guard/Forward-2015, Orangeburg Wilkerson H.S., South Carolina. Very skilled player, has great size, nice touch with the ball, can take you inside and out. She can be deadly because of her versatility. Just needs to work on tightening up her dribble and continue to be a versatile player.

Aliyah Mazyck– 5’9 PG-2015, Myers Park H.S. Charlotte, NC She is ridiculous, fearless, ball handling is crazy, a straight BALLER! Can get wherever she wants to on the court. She would just need to continue to work on her mid-range and outside shot.

Jada Peebles– 5’7 PG- 2019, Wakefield Middle School, Wakeforest, NC Made some nice shots and defensive stops. Would like to see her be more aggressive and physical. Just needs to continue to work.

Kai Crutchfield -5’9 Guard- 2017, Millbrook H.S. Raleigh, NC. Very talented player, smooth on the court, and can shoot it. Great size and goes in strong when attacking the rim. She was unstoppable on the court, she got buckets whenever she wanted to. Would like to see her go left a little more but she has a lot of skills for her age and will only get better.

Kianna Jeter – 5’7 PG- 2016, Spartan H.S. Spartanburg, SC. She is another smooth player with a nice automatic mid-range jumper. She is able to create just enough space to get her shot off. Would like to see her attack the rim more to show off her handles.

Kayla Jones -6’0 G/F – 2017, Riverside H.S., Jamesville, NC. Has great size, knows how to handle the ball and attack the rim. Very impressed with what she could do. Being so young she can be very scary if she continues to be a versatile player. Would like to see her outside shot a little more and attack the rim on the right side. A lot of potential here.

Maya Caldwell– 5’11 Guard-2017, Davidson Day, H.S., Charlotte,NC. Plays solid defense, nice intensity, can shoot the mid-range and put the ball on the floor to attack the rim. Would like to see her outside game a little more as well as showing off more moves with the ball.

Courtney Meadows– 5’4 PG- 2018, Hickory Ridge Middle School, Harrisburg, NC. Very fearless player, scrappy, tough, plays in your face defense. Nice handle on the ball, needs to continue to work on knocking down the mid-range and outside shots.

Tamara Keys– 6’4 Center- 2019, West Cary Middle School, Cary, NC She can be very good if she keeps working. Has great size and length at such a young age. She can develop into a very good player, just needs to continue to work on her all around game.

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