She’s Ballin Middle School Showcase!

She’s Ballin Showcase had some talent come out to San Antonio,Tx. It’s always exciting to see how skilled these young players are and some of them really showed out. Bounced from court to court to see who was going to Be the Competition.

Corina Carter– 5’2 PG c/o 2019 out of Metzger was a killer. She put on a show for real. Nice handles, court vision is there, can shoot outside and take you inside. Smart player for her age. Watch out for this one!

NaLyssa Smith– 6’1 Forward c/o 2018 out of Heritage has some game. She has length and size, can shoot outside and drive. She can dribble the ball up the court but if she really continues to work on her handles and overall game, she can be very scary. Would like her to get more physical and stronger. A MUST see player!

Tristan Searle– 5’10 Forward c/o 2018 out of Lake Travis is smart and skilled. Really liked the decisions she made in the game. Can shoot, has some moves to get her to the basket, made some very nice passes. Plays with confidence a definite player to watch.

Desiree Caldwell– 5’5 PG c/o 2018 out of Tejada is nice at her position. Nice handles, can shoot outside, penetrate whenever she wants. Gets the team involved, distributes the ball well. Very skilled player that will only get better, keep an eye out!!

Sydney Hardeman– 5’11 Forward c/o 2018 out of Curtis continues to show off that mid-range. She can knock down jumpers on a consistant basis. She has the length and size already so getting off her shot is never a problem. Would like to see her outside game and more ball handling to see how she attacks the rim, as well as being more physical.

Cassie Louthan 5’4 PG c/o 2018 out of Dripping Springs is another one to watch. Made very smart decisions, can shoot, find ways to score. Nice pull up jump shot on several occasions. Needs to tighten up the ball handling and keep working and she will be unguardable.

Tatum Veitenheimer 5’7 c/o 2018 out of Windhorst is your all around player that gets it done on both ends of the floor. She can score when she wants, if its open she’ll take it, if your open she’ll find you, if your not a good ball handler she will steal it. Very strong and physical player, wathc out for this one.

Jada Peacock 5’7 c/o 2018 out of Ereckson is a very active player and quick to the basket. Made some nice shots, has great foot speed that allows her to get passed the defense. Impressed at what she could do, just needs to continue to work on her all around game and be patient making decisions on offense.

Jordyn Oliver 5’5 c/o 2019 out of Renolds has some skills thats very noticeable on the offensive side. She can score, and like that she will take it when its open without hesitation. Makes the right pass when its there. I would like to see more moves (spin move, step back, stutter step, crossover) from her because she is capable. Plays fearless with a lot of confidence.

A’ja Holmes 5’7 2020 out of Schlather has that midrange game. Like her size and her ability shoot. Would like to see her be more physical and show off the ball handling more. Definitely a lot of potential at her age.

Alexis Vera 5’3 2018 out of Stinson is tough and plays with a lot of energy. Made some nice moves to the basket and was able to finish. Would like to see her show off that otside game a little more but definitely like her leadership and attitude on the floor.

Payton Hicks 5’4 2019 out of Prestonwood Christian is a solid PG in the making. Young with skills, is what she has. Can shoot, penetrate, plays with confidence, and makes nice passes. Keep an eye out for this one.

Diamond Morrison 5’5 2018 out of Tippit is a solid strong player with wheels on her, as in she is fast. Love the way she attacks the rim with force. Solid on defense was able to get some steals. Would like to see her outside game more.

Lauren Davenport 5’10 c/o 2018 out of Parkhill is a smooth player. Has great size and length and has the basketball I.Q. She went to the post and put on some moves down low, brought the ball up the court, can shoot, and drop dimes. She can play! If she keeps working on her all around game she can also be scary and unstoppable.

Sarah Konstans 5’9 c/o 2018 from Trinity Chrstian is a straight driver to the basket. If it’s open she will take it. Made some solid playes on defense, brought the ball up the court and went coast to coast. Would like to see her go left and show off that outside game more.

Ashley Adaszczyk 5’3 c/o 2018 out of St. George is a smart and calm player. She has a smooth type game and makes smart decisions with the ball. No need to take it to the rim when you can just do a simple pull up, that’s the way Ashley thinks, SMART! Nice PG skills with a jumper.

Ceyenne Mass 5’3 c/o 2020 out of Kitty Hawk displayed some nice moves. Was able to knock down some tough shots and get it done on offense.

Notable Mentions because I didn’t get the chance to see them like I wanted to, having to cover 3 courts. Jhakya Dillworth, Sophia Ramos, Alena Wilson, Caty Lorenz, Toni Cuellar, Teya Morris, Sydney Foster, and Keziah Dilworth.

If you were #92 & #99 you did well to!

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