She’s Ballin High School Showcase!

She’s Ballin Showcase had even more talent come out for the high school session in San Antonio,Tx. A lot of these girls are legit and have a very promising future ahead of them. This session was tough because action was EVERYWHERE, so players who did well and your name isn’t mentioned, my bad.

Daly Sullivan- 5’9 c/o 2017 out of St. Joseph. Can handle the ball really well, court vision is there, plays with confidence, you wouldn’t know she was a young 2017. Watch this one.

Mikayla Christian- 5’9 c/o 2016 out of Round Rock. Nice size, made some nice moves to the basket and reads the floor well. Knows where the open teammate is and can get them the ball.

Jordanna Porter- 5’11 c/o 2015 out of C.E. Ellison. Can do many things on the court, make nice passes, take it to the rim, shoot it from outside. A definite player to pay attention to, she did some work!

Kyra Lambert- 5’9 c/o 2015 out of Clemens. Did it on both ends of the floor. Quick, has moves to get her anywhere on the court, great foot speed, take you in & out with a nice mid-range jumper. A real head turner and fun to watch!

Gabrielle Connally- 5’6 c/o 2017 out of Brandeis. She can handle the ball and get you on that crossover. Made some impressive moves to the basket. Would like to see her outside game a little more but has a lot of potential. Watch this one!

Ashley Hearn- 6’4 c/o 2015 out of Sachse. Versatile and physical player. Nice post up moves in the paint, stepped outside and knocked down the three, even brought the ball up and went coast to coast.

Alexia Torres- 5’4 c/o 2016 out of Incarnate Word. More so a tru PG than anything, looks to pass then score if she is open. What is nice about this player is her ball handling, very impressed how she handled the pressure.

Madison Washington- 5’8 c/o 2017 out of AAA Academy. Has some nice game, a smooth type player, with a nice jumper. Played solid on defense. Would like to her attack the basket and show off her ball handling skills. Has a lot of potential.

Brianna Millet 5’9 c/o 2015 out of Steele. She is a powerful player, more so a bulldozer, not afraid to bang in the paint. Also showed off her outside game by knocking down the outside shot. Like her versatility and her confidence. A must have player!

Katrina Pardee 5’8 c/o 2015 out of Vista Ridge. You always need a shooter and she is one of them! Nice pullup up game, shoots in motion, and does not need a lot of time to get the shot off. Also, showed some nice moves to the basket, she definitely likes to score!

Yadira Ramirez 5’11 c/o 2015 out of Hanks. This girls can play! Nice court vision, threw some nice no look passes, can shoot, and take it to the rack. Would like to see her tighten up the ball handling a little more. Watch this one!

Mykiel Burleson 5’10 c/o 2016 out of Plugerville. She showed off while the camera was on! Plays with high energy and confidence, not afraid to drive and will take the shot if you give her some space. Enjoyed what she did on the court. Be on the lookout for this player!

Unique Finley 5’9 c/o 2015 out of High Tower. What she does best is the dirty work, you rarely see players do. She gets the boards, plays defense, gets the put backs, all the little things you need from a player. You always need a player to do the clean up work on your roster.

Ashley Knight 6’4 c/o 2016 LBJ. This player has a ton of potentianl being that the size is there and keeps the ball high when she faces the basket. Would like to see more footwork, more physicality in the paint, for her to come off the block and knock down some two footers.

Lexi Gordon 6’0 c/o 2017 out of LD Bell. Has potential with her length especially being a young 2017. She could knock down the 3 for sure. Would have liked to have seen more of what she could do. Next time.

Japreece Dean 5’5 c/o 2015 out of Vista Ridge. Has some game at the PG position. She is fast, has great foot speed in the open court. Made some nice passes, showed off the ball handling and was able to get to the rim. Would like to see her outside game a little more but she can go get it.

Kiana Ray 6’1 c/o 2016 out of Austin Bowie. She has great length, can shoot it from the outside, make nice passes, very versatile player. A lot of potential from this one. If she adds more ball handling to her game she can be unguardable. Watch out for this one.

Natalie Quesnel 5’10 c/o 2015 out of Westwood. Liked how she attacked the basket, was not afraid to go at anyone. Loved her confidence. Seen her for a short time but I’m sure she has some outside game to!

Gabrielle Gregory 5’7 c/o 2016 out of Ervin McArthur. Real nice ball handing, was able to escape the defense on multiple occasions. Made some nice passes, was able to penetrate the lane with a one move and go. Would like to see that outside game a little more but this player has a lot of potential. Watch this one!

Amber Vidal 5’6 c/o 2015 out of O’Connor. Talk about basketball smarts, she knows how to play the game. A true PG that will find the open teammate. She can also score, nice all around player. Like this one, be on the lookout.

Ellie Rice 5’9 c/o 2017 out of Regents. Played with confidence, took you outside or inside. Had a nice touch on the ball when shooting. Would like to see her ball handling a little more but she played well and has potential.

Anabelle Tovar 5’7 c/o 2016 out of Judson. Real nice player, made some great plays with the assist. Likes to attack the rim, uptempo style player, can score as well. Like this one, be on the lookout.

Noteable Mentions, needed more time to see these players: Alexes Bryant 6’2 c/o 2016 out of Steele, Emily Sandoval 5’7 c/o 2016 out of Reagan, Nikki Cardano-Hillary 5’5 c/o 2017 out of Vista Ridge, Kennedy Gillette 5’9 c/o 2017 out of Chandler, Alexandra Busby-Leija 5’0 c/o 2016 out of Southwest, Trejouir Wilson 5’6 c/o 2016 out of Brownwood, Grayson Bright 6’0 c/o 2016 out of Parish Episcopal, and Sophie Taylor 5’8 2016 out of Westwood.

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