Carolina’s Top Middle Schoolers!


In the gym with Momentum Skills Academy as they held a closed off session for some of the top Middle Schoolers from North & South Carolina! Dan Olson of Collegiate Girls Basketball Report was on hand to evaluate!

Kirsten “K.K” Deans 2019 Greensboro, NC. She is a major Problem!!  Displayed  true point guard vision. She was able to get wherever she wanted to on the floor, spotting players with great peripheral vision. Tight handles with a defender on her as well.  Needs to work on knowing when to pull up and not get too deep in the paint. One of the best players at the event. Bright future on the national stage.

Camille Smalls 2018 Charlotte, NC : 5’6, Strong build with quick first step. Aggressive, good ability to get to the rim. Will need to add the ability to use her left hand and continue to improve on creating her shot off the dribble. Major potential.

Jiera Shears 2018 Charlotte, NC: 5’7, Great form on her jump shot and she was able to get to the basket in traffic. High basketball I.Q. knows how to play w/o the ball. Would like to see her become more comfortable playing with the ball in her hands. One to watch.

Nichelle Jefferies 2018 Greensboro, NC:  5’6, Big time and Confident player, has a mature game, can take you off the dribble or knockdown the shot if you give her space. She was able to control the floor and put her teammates in the right position. Would like to see her step up more in the leadership role. One of the top players at the event. Big time future.

Courtney Meadows 2018 Charlotte, NC: 5’4, Aggressive, Aggressive, Aggressive, a pit-bull! Confident, Plays the game on both ends of the floor, competes on every possession.  Tight handles and was able to get to the rim when she wanted. Showed the ability to create space and shoot the pull up with someone in her face and found teammates as well. Would like to see her continue to work on using her right hand more. One of the top players at the event. One to watch!!

Olivia Gabriel 2018 Greensboro, NC : Smooth! Great court awareness and able to use either hand when she finishes at the rim.  She handles the ball well under pressure, would like to see her improve her ability to create a shot off the dribble. Player to watch.

Destiny Griffin 2019 Winston Salem, NC: Strong body and plays with a high level of intensity. She was very effective getting to the rim.  Would like to see her improve her guard skills and agility.

Robbi Allen 2018 Rocky Mount, NC: Wow, goes hard!! She can do it all. Tough defender, leader, vocal, a winner. Good size and plays with confidence. Can shoot the ball from the perimeter and attack the basket as well. She also makes plays for other people. Able to play multiple positions made others better. Needs to work on sharpening her handle to become a true perimeter player. One of the best players at the event.  Bright future.

Sharita Godfrey 2018 Columbia, SC: Silent assassin. Perfect form on every shot. Very efficient and able to score in bunches by using the pull up.  Good size at 5’10  would like to see her use her dribble to get to the rim and to create space. One to watch.

Janay Sanders 2018 Charlotte, NC : Extremely athletic with good size. Has a high motor and plays on both ends of the court. Was able to finish at the rim and also able to hit the deep jumper. Made good decisions and found teammates.  Would like to see her continue to work on sharpening her handle to create space off the dribble as well as add more skill to match her athleticism. One of the best players at the event. Look forward to seeing her in the future.

 E’mya Price 2018 Charlotte, NC: Big wing player, 5’10. Runs the lanes great and has the ability to finish with either hand at the rim. Was very aggressive defensively and had several blocks. Needs to improve her handle to be able to take advantage of one on one situations on the perimeter. Very aggressive player with major upside.

Neveah Caldwell 2021 Charlotte, NC : This 5th grader held her own and made several major plays. She has a very tight handle and played with no fear. Attack the basket well and hit the jumper also. Bright future ahead.

Gabby Smith 2018 Charlotte, NC: Great size and extremely soft hands. Was able to use her body to carve out space in the paint and also played  well without the ball. Has a soft touch  from 15 ft. and in. Dominated the glass. Would like to see her develop a few moves as she faces the basket and work on her conditioning. Has a great understanding of the game. Big things ahead.

Notable Players: Madison Taylor, Kierra Beasley, Sierra Beasley, Kobe Haney, Zhania Daniel, Madison Moore, Olivia Gabriel, and Allana Stewart.

Due to the lack of additional evaluators we were not able to provide an extensive evaluation on every player. We do regret this and will be sure to have adequate evaluators at our future events. We sincerely thank all
families for their attendance~ Event Staff.

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We cover Girls Basketball and travel to so many places throughout the year looking for special talent, top teams, rival games, and playoffs! We decided to allow people to watch and getter a better understanding besides reading about it or seeing a photo of a player/team. Feel free to chime in and let us know what other talent is out there!

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