WC Premier Spring Invitational

WC Premier put on a stacked tournament in SoCal that featured teams from all over. Missouri Phenom, San Antonio’s Finest, BC’s Finest, GBL, NorCalSparks, Ca Ballaz, Cal Sparks, Cal Stars, and more.

Teams/Players to see were:

WC Premier Cheyanne Wallace 2015, Jayda Adams 2017, Kennedy Burke 2015, Genessa Bedoya 2016, Keshara Scott 2015.

BC’s Finest- Julia Marshall 2016, Peniel M’Bikata 2015.

Ca Ballaz- Asha Thomas 2015, Destiny Graham 2015, Ariah Mack 2015, Ma’Ane Mosley 2015, Jai Welch-Coleman 2015, Kian McNair 2015, Daniella Williams 2016, Kaliyah Griffin 2016, and Brittney Deadwiler 2015.

Ca Ballaz HS3– Alexouis Bruce 2017, Taimane Hardee 2018, Sydni Stewart 2018, Xina Foreman 2017, Skylar Jackson 2017.

NorCalSparks- Courtesty Clark 2017, Angel Johnson 2016, Erika Bean 2015, Sammy DeHart 2015, Brittany Nguyen 2015, Jordyn Bell 2015, Aliceah Hernandez 2016, Ra’Kyra Gabriel 2015.

Cal Storm– Amber Melgoza 2016, Andee Velasco 2015, Bri Moore 2015, Emily Surloff 2015, Myah Pace 2017, Valerie Higgins 2016, and Katie Campbell 2016.

EBX- Naje’ Murray 2017, Carlissa Shipp 2015, Ashleen Quirke 2015, Elyashia Woolridge 2015, Akilah Jennings 2015, Marisa Mondave 2016,

Missouiri Phenom Alecia Sutton 2016, Cierra Porter 2015, Taylor Doan 2015.

South Bay Elite Caitlin Keding 2017

DFW Teaira McCowan 2015, Alexis Morris 2017, Calveion Landrum 2016, Zarielle Green 2018, Ciera Johnson 2016.

Cal Stars Sabrina Ionescu 2016, Minyon Moore 2016, Evina Westbrook 2017, Kat Tudor 2016, Hailey Pascoe 2015.

Cal Stars Flight– Keana Delos- Santos 2016, Lisa Bertholdt, Sami Oliver.

Cal Sparks Briana Johnson 2016, Leah Purvis 2015, Celeste West 2016, DiJonai Carrington 2016, Jaelyn Brown 2016, Yassemeen Sadullah 2015.

Cal Sparks Blue Brittney Reed 2016, Tatyana Yarrell 2017

San Antonio’s Finest- Amber Ramirez 2016, Skylar Davis 2015, Caroline Hogue 2015, Moriah Creswell 2015, Chelsae Dungee 2016 , Desiree Caldwell 2018, Kiana Williams 2017,

Blue Star Arizona Sabrina Haines 2015, Micaela Clayton 2015.

Special Thanks to WC Premier




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