2014 Queens Court High School Recap!

A lot of talent from across NorCal to Bakersfield came out to Queens Court this past Friday. It’s always amazing to see a good group of players compete under one roof. Special Thanks to Oderah Chidom of Duke, Gabby Green the future Cal Bear, Alex Kalmbach, all of Project Basketball, Harold Abend of Cal Hi, Dan Olson of ESPNW/Hoopgurlz, Sport Stars Mag, 1st String Mag, NSR Report, Clay Kallam, and all the college programs who came out, it’s greatly appreciated!

Check out the photos!

Full Game 1

Full Game 2

Full Game 3

Full Game 4



Aarion McDonald 2016 5’5” Guard Brookside Christian-May have been one of the quickest guards here, very good in transition and sees the floor well. Very strong going to the basket. Aggressive defender on the perimeter has big upside if she develops her outside game $$$$

Amelia Schmarzo 2017 5’8’ Guard Palo Alto- Premier Shooter (didn’t get many touches) set herself up well when catching and shooting, she showed some toughness on the boards and played well inside. A definite scoring threat at any time.$$$

Natalie Diaz 2015 5’11” Guard Soquel- Showed that she can get physical in the post, has some nice post moves and finishes well. Would like to see more face up moves from the 10-15’ range. $$$

Brittney Deadwiler 2015 5’8” Guard James Logan- smaller wing type player finishes well with the left can really run the floor. Defends well and has a good motor. Has strong ball handling skills. Must be more consistent from the perimeter to balance her overall game. $$

Caitlin Mazzoleni 2015 5’11” Forward Davis- Decent most game can defend taller players and has a good midrange game, good team player and works hard on the defensive end. Good footwork and moves well for her size. $$

Cydnee Kinslow 2016 6’1” Forward Freedom- Cydnee is the real deal! Long wing player that can transition to the post because of her physicality she was one of the top performers here. Good shooter and a very high acumen for the game, she is a team player and very strong defender$$$$$

Erika Bean 2015 5’7” Guard Bradshaw Christian- good combo guard can run the point or two. Very fast with the ball and sees the floor very well. She can finish at the rim and has a good floater. Good ball handling skills and above average outside shooter which makes her a tough guard. $$$$

Kian McNair 2015 5’5’ Guard Salesian – She is a strong perimeter shooter. Set herself up well when catching and shooting and is a strong floor leader with good vision. A definite scoring threat at any time.$$$

Hailey Vice-Neat 2017 6’2” Forward Cardinal Newman- This kid has all of the tools to play at the next level. Defends well and has really good length when she extends her arms. Offensively her game will improve as she becomes more physical and gets stronger, tremendous upside if she puts in the work. $$$$

Gabi Bade 2015 5’8” Guard Pinewood- Best all-around guard very balanced game dynamic on ball defender and rebounds very well for a guard. Offensively she has superior court vision and is a great passer when she doesn’t have the ball she is always moving and looking to score. Gabi has unlimited range and strong leadership qualities$$$$$

Jannon Otto 2015 6’1” Forward Oak Hills- Wow! I was really impressed with her effort and hustle on the court, definite top 5 players here. Her motor never stopped she shot well rebounded, dived for balls she is the definition of a team player and coaches dream. She has the length and skills she just needs to get a little stronger to bang at the next level. $$$$$

Jasmine Davis 2017 5’5’ Guard Deer Valley– She has excellent ball handling skills and moves very well on the floor. Showed explosive speed at times. Very hard worker.$$

Jordan Morales 5’9” 2016 Guard Deer Valley– good shooting form and a very hard worker she is learning her way around the floor and is developing into a player that can play on both ends of the court. $$

Shamdeep Sahota 5’6 2015 Guard Livingston- Knew when to attack the basket, distributed the ball well. Would like to see more physicality from this player. Needs to continue to work on ball handling and mid-range shot.

Kayla Coloyan 5’3 2015 Guard Sacred Heart- She see’s the floor very well, gets the ball to the open player, can shoot from the outside, makes good decisions with the ball. Nice handle on the ball. A tough player who gets the job done on both ends. $$$

Jordyn Bell 6’1” 2015 Forward Bradshaw Christian- Jordyn excels on the defensive end and is a very physical defender and runs the floor well. Offensively she is a superior rebounder and gets points by working hard in the paint. Very athletic with good size. $$$

Julia Bertolero 5’7”2015 Guard Cardinal Newman- superior shooter has the knack for knocking down open shots she sets herself up well and can penetrate well from the perimeter. Can put in more work defensively to balance her overall game.$$

Julia Blackshell-Fair 5’7”2017 Guard Vanden- good all- around guard doesn’t hesitate to shoot the three. Good athletic body and can defend both guard positions. Very quick and strong attacking the basket. $$$

Jahnay Anderson 5’4 2016 Guard Archbishop Mitty- Distributed well, made nice passes to the open teammate. Needs to continue to work on ball handling under pressure. Would like to see more physicality and offensive presence. $$

Yazmeen Goo 5’10 2015 Guard Westmoor- Very active player, if she see’s an opening she is to the basket. Showed a nice outside game. Plays good defense, plays hard, distributes well, can score when necessary. $$$

Katie Rathbun 6’0”2015 Forward Carondelet- Great defender and has a complete offensive game, plays the post very well and can score in the 10-15’ range, good motor and runs the floor well. Very strong going to the basket. Katie has good length and all the tools to play at the next level.$$$$

Kianna Baker 6’4”2017 Forward Tulare Union- Potential to be a dominate post player. Kianna runs the floor well and had flashes of brilliance in the paint she is just really learning the game and her body. With hard work and just playing the game she will develop into the top post player in her class. Keep your eyes on. $$$$

Kylie Kiech 5’8” 2015 Guard Cardinal Newman- Kylie has the potential to be a team leader she has a good perimeter game and can play both guard positions well, she is a scrapper on defense and has a physical presence for a player her size. $$

Ma’Ane Mosley 5’10” 2015 Guard St. Mary’s- Superior athlete with good skill set, can play both guard positions and seems comfortable at the 3. Long rangy defender with good footwork. Very fast with the ball in her hands in transition. Top 5 prospect at the camp! $$$$$

Madison Witcher 5’6” 2016 Guard Cosumnes Oaks- Good command of the game runs the point efficiently and has very good court vision. Good outside shooter and is a smart defender. $$

Marisa Mondave 5’9” 2016 Guard St. Francis- Strong physical guard can penetrate well and has a good mid-range game…very tough on the defensive end and really gets after it. Has all of the tools to be elite.$$$

Mylah Andrada 5’7” 2016 Guard Bishop O’Dowd- definitely passes the eyeball test! Athlete lean, fast , and very aggressive on both ends of the court.. Her tempo and skill set aren’t in sync right now but working on the basic fundamentals she will rise to the top of her class. $$$$

Nina Bessolo 5’11” 2016 Forward Valley Christian- Nina has guard skills in a forwards body, great two handed player and finish strong on either side and rebounds well. Long legs and arms can get stronger but she runs the floor so well you rarely see her on the block. She is also a great shot blocker! $$$

Payten McKerras 6’3” 2016 Forward Red Bluff- Physical on the block and has great hands she brings it every possession runs the floor very well and plays on top of defenders very well. didn’t see much mid- range game but if she develops a 10 footer she will be a tough guard at any level.$$$$

Seuvahnia Kuka 2016 5’7’ Guard Pittsburg – She is a very effective floor leader. She showed great vision and has a great knack for getting the ball to open shooters. Also has a nice outside shot herself.$$$

Sierra Smith 5’5” 2017 Guard St. Mary’s Stockton- True point guard quick, fast, good court vision and finishes well. Lefty with superior ball skills get after it on defense and runs the middle in transition. Must get more consistent from the perimeter then her overall game will excel to new heights. $$$$

Sami Oliver 5’11”2015 Guard Valley Christian- gifted athletically and runs the floor very well, slasher type with long arms and dribbling strides. good on ball defender and with her length see gives smaller guards trouble. Must work on left hand and basic fundamentals to bottle up all of this talent.$$$

Tiffany Salinas 6’0” 2016 Forward Cardinal Newman– Long and rangy she really gets after it on the defensive end of the floor good shooter for her size. Sees the court well and anticipates. With hard work and her getting stronger she has a huge upside.$$$$

Victoria Duenas 5’10” 2015 Forward Pittsburg- Strong physical and a very hard worker has really good ball skills for a player her size. Scores after contact! and rebounds well. Definite 3-4 player with more hard work she will develop into a hard to find role player.$$$

Kamira Sanders 5’6” 2016 Guard Enterprise- True point has great court vision and makes players around her better very shifty and commands the floor during transition. Decent outside shot and can penetrate well, when she see’s the open opportunity she takes it. $$$$

Alyssa Lorenzo 5’8” 2015 Guard Valley Christian- good combo guard with ball skills, tenacious defender and is very fundamentally sound needs to solidify who she is as a player good wing shooter that can pull up or penetrate in transition. Once she focuses on one position she will do well there.$$$

Janessa Manzano 5’9 2015 Guard St. Ignatius- Showed great leadership, can definitely pass, shoot, score. Plays solid defense. Nice all around game, physical player, would like to see more of a mid- range game. She is definitely a ball player. $$$$

Kyanna Davis 5’8 2017 Guard Valley Christian- Nice young athletic player who knocked down some tough shots. Plays good defense needs to continue to work on ball handling and outside shot. Has a lot of potential, she can be a nice threat if she continues to get better. $$$

Alex Washington 5’4 2015 Guard McClatchy- Shoots well from the outside, would like to see her attack the basket and be more of a guard. Plays good defense, physical player. Seemed hesitant at times but has great foot speed and athleticism. $$

Courtesy Clark 5’9 2017 Guard Sacramento- Definitely athletic and plays very good defense. Shots weren’t falling as much but have seen her play previously and she can score. She attacks! So much potential at her age needs to continue to work on ball handling and her mid-range and she can be hard to stop. $$$$

Danielle Craft 5’11 2016 Forward Ponderosa- She can score down low and from the outside. If she adds ball handling to her game and becomes more physical, even more of a threat. Shoots great from outside. Needs to continue to work on the defensive end but she played very well. $$$$

Caitlin Keding 5’11 2017 Forward Valley Christian- Quiet at times but she can score and shoot very well from the outside. Would like to see her use her mid-range game and be more physical. Needs to continue to work on the defensive end. $$

Destiny Graham 6’3 2015 Center East Side Prep- Has nice hands, physical in the paint. Has a nice jumper outside the key. Needs to continue to work on her footwork in the paint. She easily gets the first step on her defender when attacking the basket. $$$$

Erin Hanley 5’8 2015 Forward St. Ignatius- Plays with a lot of confidence. Showed nice court vision, shot well from outside and penetrated well. Definitely not afraid to score, moves well, active on defense. Needs to continue to work on ball handling. Solid player. $$$

Jessica Rogers 5’3 206 Guard Pinole Valley- Made good decisions with the ball, recognized when the defense was asleep and took the open shot. Showed a nice mid-range/outside game. Would like to see her penetrate and/ or show off more of her court vision. Neesds to continue to work on her ball handling. $$

Kylie Oden 5’11 2015- Forward Santa Rosa- One thing is for sure is that she can shoot from outside, has definite range. Would like to see her penetrate and pull up for the mid-range. Shows great confidence in her outside shooting. Needs to continue to work on her defense and ball handling so she can be more of a threat. $$$

Lauren Koyama 5’8 2017 Guard Palo Alto- Needs to be more physical, would like to see more of her offensive game as she was confident shooting from the outside. Still young but has potential to get better as she has great size.

Lexia Bell-White 5’9 2016 Guard Modesto Christian- Has great length, was able to make steals on the defensive end with her long reach. Attacked the basket well, was active on both ends of the floor. Has potential, needs to continue to work on her shot and ball handling. Would like to see more physicality. $$

Sam Boyle 5’11 2017 Forward Scotts Valley- Tough young player with great size. She has a lot of potential, needs to continue to be aggressive on the boards. She can be a double threat if she continues to get better on her mid-range, outside shot, and footwork down low. With her size and being so young she has plenty of time to become a complete player. $$$

Lizzie Moore 6’2 2018 Center Valley Christian- WOW! So young has a nice drop step/spin move. Great size, this player has so much potential being so young. Needs to continue to work on her foot work, quickness, and on defense she needs to get back as she got beat a few times. These are minor things I’m sure she will work on. $$$$

Mariah Elzy 5’11 2015 Post James Logan- Definitely strong in the post, very active around the ball, she will attack to the basket if it’s open. Her bread and butter is in the paint. Would like to see her mid-range game and be more of a double threat. $$$

Madeline Holland 5’10 2017 Forward Archbishop Mitty- Played okay at the showcase but seen her play once at a tournament, and she can definitely play. Physical player, nice shot, can score, she is unstoppable when she is on fire. Has a lot of potential and still young. Showed solid court vision distributes well. Needs to continue to work on her ball handling and quickness. $$$

Mandy Silver 5’10 2015 Guard Scotts Valley- Aggressive on both ends of the floor. Grabs rebounds plays hard, very aggressive. Would like her to work on ball handling, foot work, and shooting. Has great size and plays with a lot of effort. $$

Sadie Allen 5’9 2015 Forward Scotts Valley- Had a nice shot, showed off a nice perimeter and outside shot with a hand in the face. Has nice size and plays solid defense. Needs to continue to work on ball handling. Solid player $$$

Skylar Burris 5’10 2017 Forward Palo Alto. Strong player, plays hard. Had some nice penetration shots, plays well on defense. Would like to see more of a mid-range and outside shot. Has great size and another young player with  a lot of potential. $$$

Sujey Luna 5’4 2016 Guard Gustine- Has a nice mid-range jumper. Would like her to be more active on both ends of the floor. Being a guard, need to see her court vision and how she distributes the ball as well as ball handling. $$

Taki Brandon 5’9 2016 Forward Berkeley- Strong physical player, very aggressive on both ends of the floor. Needs to work on ball handling and her mid-range/outside shot. Has potential, athleticism, and the right size.

Lauren Walker 6’4 2017 Center Cardinal Newman- Great size, has a nice touch with the ball to the basket. She has a lot of potential, needs to work on quickness, footwork and perimeter/mid-range shot to be a double threat. Would like her to be more physical but a real solid player. $$$

Charlie Boyle 6’0 2015 Forward Scotts Valley- Tremendous upside, very physical player, active on both ends of the floor. Plays with a lot of confidence. Great size and length, versatile with outside inside game. $$$


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