NorCalSparks Summer Tune Up!

Check out the Summer Tune Up put on by NorCalSparks in Stockton,Ca. A lot of good talent was on display this past weekend. Definitely be on the lookout for these teams on the summer circuit. Team Mariani won the Gold Bracket and Orinda Magic took the Bronze Bracket.

Full Game Ca Ballaz vs Team Mariani Championship

Full Game NorCalSparks vs Team Mariani Semi Final

Full Game Ca Ballaz vs Stockton Mavs


These were teams/players that stood out on games we seen. Not based on every game, select games.

NorCalSparks: The usual suspects, Erika Bean 2015, Aliceah Hernandez 2016, Jordyn Bell 2015, Ariana Vaughn 2015, Sammy DeHart 2015, Ra’Kyra Gabriel 2015.

Golden City: One of the top rising teams that have several players to lookout for on the summer circuit, Kayla Coloyan 2015, Yazmeen Goo 2015, Ayzhiana Basallo 2017, Janessa Manzano 2015, Erin Hanley 2015, Ariana Abdulmassih 2017, Zavanna Negron 2915, Victoria Duenas 2015.

Team Mariani: Is beginning to peak as a team who also have several young talent on his team with great size. Nyela Cade 2016, Jaiana Harris 2017, Ny’Dajah Jackson 2016, Ameela Li 2015, Dajanay Powell 2015, Aisia Robertson 2015, and Rebecca Williams 2015.

Ca Ballaz: The usual suspects Jai Coleman 2015, Kian McNair 2015, Ashanti Coleman 2015, Destiny Graham 2015, Ariah Mack 2015.

St. Mary’s Rams: Has new incoming freshmen that can play. Aquira DeCosta 2018, Ariel Johnson 2018. Carlissa Shipp 2015, Sierra Smith 2017, Naje’ Murray 2017, Angel Johnson 2016.

JBS 2015: Kayla Blair, Destiney Lee.

JBS 2016: Irene Grace, Kamira Sanders, Gigi Garcia, Bailee Vanderdoes

JBS Purple: Alex Washington 2016

JBS 2017: Keep an eye out for Shanaijah Davidson and Avyance Ervin (quick fast).

Stockton Mustangs: Must watch Aarion McDonald 2016, Kamryn Hall 7th Grade, Mia Maglinte 2014, Emma Stenz 2015, they also have forward/post player that was nice but no name.

EBX– Marisa Mondave 2016, Ashleen Quirke 2015, Elayshia Woolridge 2015.

Palo Alto Midnight Elite: Nina Bessolo 2016, Natalie Diaz 2015, Sadie Allen 2015.

Palo Alto Midnight Black: Hannah Jump 7th Grade, Amelia Schmarzo 2017, Meg Enthoven 2016, Skylar Burris 2017.

Peninsula Elite: Tatiana Reese 8th, Brittney Cedeno 8th, Brianna Claros 8th, Lla Lane 7th, Alexis Haris 2016.

Team Blythe: Alyssa Gabble 2015, Destiney Graham 2015, I’lmari Thomas 2017.

San Jose Cagers: Jahnay Anderson 2016, Taylor Todd 2015, Maddie Holland 2017.

Orinda Magic 8th Grade: Mikaela Bismillah, Lesila Finau, Julie Martin, Asia Pelesauma.

*MRC Rebels– Roster?


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We cover Girls Basketball and travel to so many places throughout the year looking for special talent, top teams, rival games, and playoffs! We decided to allow people to watch and getter a better understanding besides reading about it or seeing a photo of a player/team. Feel free to chime in and let us know what other talent is out there!

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