Asia Durr, All Gold Everything!

We caught up with one of the stars from USA 17’s team, two time gold medalist, Asia Durr, to get some details on her trip overseas. image

What are some must have things that you brought on your overseas trip? Asia: Some of the must things that I brought with me on the trip were my Bose headphones. Not anything too special, but I have to have my headphones for pre-game music.

 How long was the airplane ride?
Asia: The airplane ride was about 7-8 hours. Coming back was about 8 hours and 30 minutes.
What are some of the things you did to make the flight go by faster?
Asia: To make the flight go by faster, I just watched a whole bunch of movies and slept.
What was the first thing the team did once you arrived?
Asia: First thing we did once we got there was eat dinner, we didn’t have much time to do anything because we got there in the evening.
How are the fans out there?
Asia: The fans were awesome. The games were crazy. They are well dedicated fans. The atmosphere was crazy.
How is the weather?
Asia: The weather out there, the first couple of days it rained. But the rest of the time, it was beautiful sunshine weather.
Is the game any different or what is the difference compared to the states?
Asia: The game felt similar in some ways. But it was definitely more physical. Some countries were more physical than others.
Learning a new language?
Asia: Learning a new language was a struggle, I communicated with other countries and tried to learn their language, but it was definitely a struggle for me.
Did you learn any new words?
Asia: I learned a few words in French and Czech. One of them is merci, which means thank you in French. Another word is ahoy, I was told that it means hello. But every time we would see a person in Czech, we would say ahoy! And they would just laugh at us. So I’m not too sure about that one. lol
Favorite food to eat?
Asia: My favorite food to eat in the Czech Republic was the pre-game meal, which were potatoes, chicken or beef, rice, and bread.
Things to do in the area?
Asia: We didn’t have much time to do things in the area, but we took a tour to Prague and it was beautiful there. image(6)
You scored 22 points but got the loss against France, compared to last year, is the competition getting better? Are the opponents bigger, stronger, faster? Or did Team USA have an off day?
Asia: Yes, the competition was definitely getting better. France was a very talented team. The opponents are stronger, bigger and faster. We didn’t have an off day, we played hard, but we didn’t play like how we could play. I think it was a wake up call when we lost to France. It made us open our eyes and realize that there are a lot of countries that wanted to beat us.
This 3 point contest I read about, it didn’t give much detail on what happened, what was this 3 point contest about and how did you do? Were there any other contest besides the 3 point?
Asia: I’m not sure what the 3 point contest was about. I just know that I was told to participate in it. It was in France during the pre-tournament we played in. I’m not sure how I did, I couldn’t really make out what they were saying because it was all in French. But I made it to the last round either 3 or 4, something like that. And we all received awards. I’m not sure who the winner was. Their weren’t any contest besides the 3 point. It was just the 3 point contest.
About the LeBron James s/o, how official was that coming from him and to know he was watching?
Asia: It felt great, such a blessing, and I’m very thankful for that. To be able to get a s/o from someone you truly look up to and admire. Was definitely a great feeling. It was a moment of joy.

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