LJCD Sweet 16!

La Jolla Country Day put on the 12th Annual Sweet 16 that featured teams across California, Oregon, and Florida. Good group of teams that had some talent. Standout players from Day 1 & 2 ONLY

Chanea Chapman 6’3 2015 Canyon Springs

Madeline Holland 5’10 2017 Archbishop Mitty

Jahnay Anderson 5’3 2016 Archbishop Mitty (3 pt shooter)

Bri Shepard 5’6 2015 Helix Charter

Camryn Owens 5’8 2018 Helix Charter

Justis Szczepanski 6’3 2015 IMG Academy

Mai-loni Henson 6’0 2016 La Jolla Country Day

Mariana Ecija 5’5 2016 La Jolla Country Day

Mackenzie Forrest 5’7 2016 Lakewood

Khayla Rooks 6’1 2017 Mission Hills

Candice White 5’8 2015 Modesto Chrisian

Lailoni Gaines 6’0 2016 Modesto Christian

Nicole & Megan Warwick5’6 2017 Modesto Christian

Ashley Lucas 5’4 2015 Modesto Christian

***Katie Campbell 5’10 2016 Oaks Christian

Roxy Barahman 5’8 2016 Oaks Christian

Marissa Hing 5’2 2015 Pinewood

Akayla Hackson 5’7 2017 Pinewood

Stella Kailahi 5’10 2018 Pinewood

Chloe Eackles 5’10 2016 Pinewood

Brianna Claros 5’4 2018 Pinewood

Tyler Brown 2015 St Ignatius

Addi Walters 2015 St Ignatius

Janessa Manzano 2015 St Ignatius

Sydney Raggio 2015 Ignatius

Jossie Little 2015 St Ignatius

Joleen Yang 2015 St Ignatius

Erin Hanley 2015 St Ignatius

Julissa Tago 5’9 2016 South Medford

* Jasmin Falls 5’11 2016 South Medford

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We cover Girls Basketball and travel to so many places throughout the year looking for special talent, top teams, rival games, and playoffs! We decided to allow people to watch and getter a better understanding besides reading about it or seeing a photo of a player/team. Feel free to chime in and let us know what other talent is out there!

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