Diana Taurasi to Skip WNBA Season

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Diana Taurasi has decided to sit out the 2015 WNBA season, opting to rest for the summer. She accepted an offer from UMMC Ekaterinburg, which will pay her more than her 2014 WNBA salary not to play, sources told espnW. Taurasi made just under the WNBA league maximum of $107,000 last year. Taurasi’s contract with UMMC pays her nearly $1.5 million this winter. Taurasi wrote: The year-round nature of women’s basketball takes its toll, for 10 years, I have never had any significant time off.

In my opinion Diana Taurasi really doesn’t owe anyone an explanation or needs to feel bad about her decision. 1.5 million vs $107,000 that’s an easy decision to make. First thing that came to mind when Taurasi said, for 10 years, I have never had any significant time off. All I could think of was Kevin Durant’s HBO’s Documentary when he said he was physically tired and drained, and had to decline playing from Team USA, and this was just one season. Top caliber players like Taurasi go from WNBA, to Team USA, then overseas, and that’s just so much wear and tear on the body. I’m just imagining Taurasi doing this for 10 straight years, no complaining, and doing it for a lot less pay, that’s serious LOVE for the game.

Another thing that bothered me was when the Analyst said, How does the WNBA prevent this from happening, how do they fix this? It’s quite obvious, and something the WNBA fails to ignore, they tend to rely too much on the veteran players, they have so much fresh youthful talent but neglect to give them the confidence or chance to play. It was very obvious who the standout players were during the 2014 WNBA All Star Game, the young ROOKIES and 2nd year players. The WNBA needs to take serious notes from the NBA, because a lot of their rookies and young players are given that opportunity to make names for themselves. This problem should have been solved years ago.


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