Battle At The Hive Day 2 Recap!

More teams and more talent that came through Oklahoma for Battle At The Hive. Day 2 Standouts Include (If the names don’t match the correct player (parents) blame the coach’s for turning in an incomplete/inaccurate roster, this information is very important)

Team St. Louis Adidas 2019: Aijha Blackwell, Britnee Terry, Kori Tomlin, Britnee Terry, Breanna Diestelkamp.

Oklahoma Swarm 2019: Paige Pendley, Adrianna Carruthers.

Oklahoma Select 2019: Ginger Reece, Lauren Fields, Karly Gore, Macy Gore, Katelyn Crosthwait.

D1 Shooters 2020: Elizabeth Smith, Daxia Milton, Blaire Smith.

Oklahoma Swish 2020: Karley Johnson

Oklahoma Ravens 2019: Lauren Reither, Nakiya Ballard, Tilan Nolan, Megan McAlpin.

Oklahoma Swarm 2020: Ari Morgan, Katie King, Lexie Davis, Katelyn Levings, Myka Parrish.

Arizona Mavericks 2019 (entire squad): Marquandra Mason, Jenna Williams, Monet Sachs, Jacey Carter, Melanie Isbell, Neanenly Greer, Senya Rabouin.

DC Queens 2019: Asia Robertson, Tavy Diggs, Kierra Nelson, Randi Thompson, Cydni Adams.

Oklahoma Swish 2019: Cur’Tiera Haywood, Olivia Curtis, Jaycee Freshour.

Houston Skyrise 2020: De’Ashia Davis 5’11/6’0 Post

PWP 2020: Haley Meely, Kendra Gillispie, Wyvette Newberry.

Arkansas Mavericks 2020: Sasha Goforth and Coriah Bech.

Tulsa Pink 2022: Reagan McQuarters, Aunisty Smith, Carrigan Hill, Naria Reid.

Higher Goals 2022: Kailee Deffebaugh, Cammie McKinney, Jasmyn Lott.

More players and in depth evaluations can be found on Simmie Colson’s


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