Impact College Freshmen!

The score was all tied 27 to 27 at half time. Texas stormed out in front to a 39 to 27 lead before Cal put on a strong surging come back pulling to within 3 points. Cal clearly had taken back the momentum before freshman sensational guard Brooke McCarty stole the ball and raced down to score, pushing the lead back to 5 points. Brooke’s steal turned the momentum back in Texas favor for good. With Brooke’s 16 points off the bench, and her savvy ball control, it earned her the Win Anyway game award. Freshman standing at about 5’3 didn’t cause her to look to make an excuse, it motivated her to rise up and produce. Hat’s off to the coach for putting trust in the young player. (Written by Parris Walton)
Kelsey Mitchell another outstanding freshmen that has been un-guardable all season. She is a player that is used to these moments, it’s second nature to her.
Brianna Turner for Notre Dame has been playing extremely well all season. Another main contributing factor to the success of Notre Dame and will continue to be during the NCAA Tournament.
Mariya Moore for Louisville has been contributing a lot on both ends of the floor. She’s been ready for March so expect to see more from her in the Sweet 16 match up against Dayton.


Mikayla Cowling and Gabby Green the duo for Cal wasn’t shy at all when it came to scoring during the 1st and 2nd rounds of March Madness. Their length and size alone was a match up problem for several teams.
Azura’ Stevens a versatile player for Duke with the inside outside game. She had a double-double, leading the Blue Devils with 22 points and 10 rebounds over the win against Mississippi State.
A’ja Wilson another heavy hitter versatile player for South Carolina. She’s been making noise all season with game winning shots, blocking shots, and being a force on both ends of the floor. There’s no telling what she will do in the Sweet 16 but expect BIG GIRL BALL from her!
Jamie Cherry the Cherry Bomb for North Carolina has hit several buzzer beater shots already earlier in the season. So it should come to NO SURPRISE on the shot last night against Ohio State! She will carry that confidence over into the Sweet 16, just watch!
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We cover Girls Basketball and travel to so many places throughout the year looking for special talent, top teams, rival games, and playoffs! We decided to allow people to watch and getter a better understanding besides reading about it or seeing a photo of a player/team. Feel free to chime in and let us know what other talent is out there!

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