Deep South Classic Day2

The highlights continue on Day 2 from the Deep South Classic. More names to mention and video to add, stay tuned!

Jordan Canty 5’3 PG 2019 SC76ers
Loyal McQueen 5’0 2020 SC76ers
Danae Pough 5’8 2019 SC76ers
Jordan Miller 5’6 G 2016 TYO Lady Neptunes
Maya Caldwell 5’11 2017 F NC Spartans
Chanin Scott 6’0 2016 F NC Spartans
Cailah Hicklin 5’10 2017 F NC Spartans
Jasmine Sanders 6’0 2017 F NC Spartans
Kianna Funderburk 5’9 2017 F NC Spartans
Kameron Roach 5’7 2017 PG NC Spartans
Janay Sanders 5’10 2018 G NC Spartans 15U
Camille Small 5’7 2018 PG NC Spartans 15U
Ariyanna Brown 5’0 PG 2018 NC Spartans 15U
Gabrielle Smith 6’0 2018 F/P NC Spartans 15U
Lindsay Bell 5’7 2019 G Triangle Tarheels 13U
Kendal Moore 5’5 2019 PG Triangle Tarheels 13U
Ciara Moore 5’8 2019 G Triangle Tarheels 13U
Nia Washington 5’11 2019 G Triangle Tarheels 13U
Peryonna Sylvester 5’5 2020 PG Titans Elite
Taylor Sutton 5’5 2018 PG WP Celtics
Taylor Mason 5’10 G 2017 WP Celtics
Kierra Johnson 5’11 F 2016 WP Celtics
Tyler Collins 5’6 PG 2018 WP Celtics
Courtney Meadows 5’5 PG 2018 WP Celtics
Mariya Trimble 6’0 F 2016 WP Celtics
Alaysia Styles 6’2 F 2017 Wiggins Waves
Bianca Notarainni 5’11 F 2018 Wiggins Waves
Kecia Oakry 5’8 G 2016 Wiggins Waves
Imani Connor 5’6 PG 2016 Georgia Playmakers
Jayla Morrow 5’4 PG 2016 Georgia Playmakers
Tierra Hodges 5’10 F 2016 Georgia Playmakers
Micah Hoggatt 6’1 F 2017 Georgia Playmakers
Destiny Slocum 5’7 2016 PG Idaho Hoop Dreams
Katelyn Murray 6’1 2018 F Idaho Hoop Dreams
Mandy Simpson 6’1 F/P 2017 Idaho Hoop Dreams
Dominique Williams 6’0 F 2016 Idaho Hoop Dreams
Tori Williams 5’8 PG 2017 Idaho Hoop Dreams
Abby Mangum 5’11 F 2017 Idaho Hoop Dreams
Mahogany Vaught 5’7 PG 2017 Memphis Elite

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We cover Girls Basketball and travel to so many places throughout the year looking for special talent, top teams, rival games, and playoffs! We decided to allow people to watch and getter a better understanding besides reading about it or seeing a photo of a player/team. Feel free to chime in and let us know what other talent is out there!

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