2015 Grand Finale Recap!

Youngsters Game 1

A nice mixture of talented players from 6th grade to high school that came through the Grand Finale in Hayward,Ca this past weekend. Teams were coached by former Cal Bear Tierra Rogers and KC Waters of Cal WBB. Special Thanks to NSR Report and 1st String Magazine for the coverage. 1st game featured the “Youngsters”, Team Splash vs Team Dub. The players competed and put on a good show as Team Splash beat Team Dub 42-26. Kendra Grant of Team Splash was MVP with 8pts and Jalyn Singleton was MVP for Team Dub with 6pts.

Youngsters Game 1

Youngsters Game 1


Youngsters Part 2. Game 2

Youngsters Part 2 was the next group to compete with a few middle school players mixed in with incoming high school freshmen. Team Splash ended up coming away with a win over Team Dub and MVP’s were 2021 Marley Langi with 15 points and 2020 Amerika De Los Santos with 10 points.

NSR Report Evaluation

Siena Guttadauro – A Little package of dynamite! Good crossover moves and see’s the floor very well.

Alaiyah San Juan– Point Guard with good court vision

Kaelie Nakamura– Good at attacking the basket good overall Point Guard Skills

Emma Welsh-Has a great 1st step and good athletic length,

Adriana Carnecer-Strong left hand has good power moves, works well in the key

Kendra Grant– Very athletic and finishes well, moves well without the ball and excellent defensive skills

Hollie Salsig– There’s my shooter! Good shot when feet are set will be a perimeter threat.

Jalyn Singleon- Super Athletic Guard with good finishing touch runs the floor well and plays aggressive defense, great all-around game for this kid.

Zoe Tillery– point guard with good handles and penetrates well.

Dylan Benitez-Great on ball defender and good perimeter shooter

Lea Dulay– Great left hand and can get to the rim as well as spot up her jumper

Amira Brown– good strong player slasher type that can get to the rim, Long arms

Courtni Thompson– Very Athletic type can play all 5 positions moves well without the ball, good hands

Alyssa Chin– Point Guard with good handles and good court vision

Ariez Pimentel– Long rangy type with a good face-up mid-range game, good defender

Alana Balocating– Floor General and controls the tempo in transition, finishes well at the rim

Rebekah Brown-Good size guard that can finish well, plays hard and is very athletic.

Yanira Gabourel– Strong Athletic Tall Point and plays a physical fast game, runs the floor well

Diary Khin– Quick dribbling Point that can nail the 3 ball

Marley Langi– Good Athletic size and moves very well on the block and can spot up on the perimeter, she a tough stretch 3 type, and can guard 1-5, This kid has a tremendous upside!

Audrey Moulton– Strong Lefty with good handles and see’s the floor well, runs well in transition.

Hannah Hocom -Good size Point see’s the floor will, has good quickness

Kaysey Matela–  Point guard with a good skill set, runs the floor well and a feisty defender.

Daylee Dunn– Long Athletic forward that can really shoot it, I like her length and court awareness

Mae Alexander– Super Strong post that can also run the point, good off the dribble in traffic.

Andriana Avent – Good size with excellent point guard skills, runs well and can finish, she has good range on her jumper and can be a match up nightmare for smaller guards.

Klara Astrom– Good rebounder and really gets after it in the post, both on O and D

Ke’Oni Smith– Aggressive point guard that is super-fast with the ball in her hands, good driver

Erin Tarasow– Excellent Shooter that roams the perimeter, good on ball defender.

Amerika De Los Santos– Great motor in her she runs the point very well and one of the best finishers in this group plays very hard and is a passionate player.

Abigail Pagila– Good on ball defense and has a good mid-range game.

Caitlyn Carnecer– Point Guard with good court vision and runs the floor very well.

Savanna Arce– Big Strong Post player that can bang with the best of them, gets out in transition well,

Gabby Rones– Good outside shooter can play both guard positions, good defender.

The Leaders featured high school players in different grade levels. This time Team Dub was able to get the win 71-50. They were led by three players in double figures including 3 time MVP Leah Walton of Carondelet who was dishin and swishin with 20pts, Casandra White of Thomas Downey with 20pts, and Anjel Galbraith of Salesian with 12pts. Aliyah Arcillas of Sacred Heart CP was MVP with 15pts of Team Splash.

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The Leaders Part 2 was another nice variety of players that played well. Team Splash came with the heat and they were led by MVP 2018 Lesila Finau of Dublin with 17 pts, Vanessa Cruz of Carondelet and Sirena Tuitele of Pleasant Valley added 14 pts a piece. Team Dub was led by MVP 2017 Zakiya Willams of Enochs with 9 pts.

NSR Report Evaluations (High School Group)

Micaela Maaske 2016- Micaela has good range for a post player and runs the floor well, she is a hard worker and good rebounder, faces the basket well and can hit the open 3.

Aliyah Arcillas 2018– Aliyah show great speed in transition and see’s the floor very well, she has quick feet on defense and can penetrate through the bigs, above average 3 point shooter, tons of potential.

Layla Scott 2017– stretch 3 can really run the floor well and she can finish well around the basket, she was very active on the boards, can develop into a dominate midrange player.

Jasmine Davis 2017– jasmine is a pure shooter with some point guard skills, she shots very well when she sets her feet. she see the floor well and gives 100 % effort on the court.

Cayla Dulay 2016– point guard with good vision and always helps on defense when she see’s an opening she attacks the paint. Good perimeter shooter when open.

Jayden Benitez 2018– super quick point guard finishes well from either side and controls the tempo when running the point. she has good range on her jumper.

Carley Maaske 2019– Fiesty little guard that works very hard on every possession , excellent defender and rebounds well from the guard position.

Caitlin Bowman 2017- good size post player that rebounds very well and releases her outlet passes very quick, she runs the floor well and commands the offensive block. good back to rim player that can face up and hit the mid range shot.

Leah Walton 2018– I was very impressed with the composure of this young point guard, she runs the floor well and is a pass first guard, but can hit the open 2 or 3 fantastic pace in transition an plays with her head up. relentless on defense. Leah will be fun to watch in the future.

Venus Pascua 2018– Venus has good size for a post type player but she can stretch the wing and hit the outside shot, runs the floor well and can defend all positions.

Casandra White 2017– Smooth transition player good size and and set up anywhere on the floor and be effective, strong offensive rebounder and battles every possession.versatile type can play positions 2 through 5.

Hope Salsig 2018– Pure Shooter very effective on the wing great range on her jumper, runs the floor well and defends the perimeter.

Anjel Galbraith 2019– Lefty good point guard that see’s the floor well and makes others better, she has a big upside as she develops he outside shooting, she defends well and  understands the game.

Lailoni Gaines 2016– Long and super athletic wing player that shoots the ball very well, she runs the floor in transition and can really finish. Lailoni is a good rebounder on both ends and has a great competitive spirt and is a team player.

Stephanie Robertson 2016– commands the post on both ends and is a above average rebounder, she sets up well in the offensive post and is a great distributer from the low block. Stef runs well and finishes around the rim.

Lesila Finau 2018- The future is here today! great display of size ,speed, and length she has very long arms and she effectively uses them on defense, she sees the passing lanes and attacks both on and off the ball. offensively she can do it all great perimeter shooter and can take you off the dribble, she finishes well with either hand and is a very hard worker.

Avyance Ervin 2017– very dangerous with the ball in her hands, she is a shifty player with pace. Avy displayed some great shooting from mid range to the 3 point line. hard worker on the defensive end she can really get in your shirt.

Vanessa Cruz 2016- Vanesa has a tremendous motor she is always running! on offense she is a strong combo guard that can play on or off the ball with equal effectiveness she has unlimited range and finishes well with either hand. On D she is a great on ball defender is long arms, and she rebounds well on the defensive in and gets her team quickly into transition

Madeline Holland 2017- Mady is strong and quick, she is a very versatile player that can work you in the post then next possession she is spotting up for a three! works very hard on the defensive boards and can guard the perimeter as well.

Sirena Tuitele 2018- Another future star Tui is big strong and fast she completely dominates the post on post ends of the floor, great hands and a soft touch when in close. she runs the floor very well, once she masters the face-up 5-6 footer she will be unstoppable

Kaylin Randhawa 2018– very long and quick I really like her feel for the game and she sets herself up well, good rebounder and can finish around the basket, on defense she has long arms and and defend the post.

Alana Dunphy 2018– another player with a bright future she is a true post with very long arms with good hands as she gets stronger she will be able to finish with a high % on defense she can control the paint in a half court set…lets see

Lezxa Bell-White 2016–  Good Combo- Guard that can stretch the post good outside to mid range shooter and can distribute from the wing or post, she is a above average rebounder and runs well in transition.

Makayla Edwards 2019- Cant wait to see her develop she is avery strong and versatile player that is still learning how to pace herself in the transition game, once she learns to conserve her energy and let the game come to her she will be force.I like her energy and heart right now! Go gettem kid

Natalie La Tour 2016– Nat showed us some flashes of her point guard skills before she left the game due to injury. Good size point that see’s the floor well and has a good mid range game, excellent defender on the perimeter.

Zakiya Williams 2017– Good shooter with great range she runs the perimeter well and sets up for her shot, she is a good on ball defender and rebounds well from the wings.

Miyah Lewis-Hampton 2018– tall strong post player excellent defender with very long shot blocker of the day gets her hands on a lot of balls. as she gets stronger her inside offensive game will develop, Miyah will be one to watch.

Lexi Thompson 2016– good shifty strong point guard that has good court vision and makes good decisions on the court, good on ball defender excellent shooter from the perimeter


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