D-Up Challenge Cali

Check out our D-Up Challenge event in Livermore, Ca during the Live Evaluation period. There is some impressive talent out here that can fit the right college program.

NSR Evaluations below.

Ilmar’l Thomas 2017 6’1 Sacred Heart Cathedral- Dominate low block player that can bang in the post, uses her body very well to make contact, good hands and rebounds. Can face up from mid-range and step out beyond the arch.

Ariel Johnson 2018 5’8 St. Mary’s Stockton- Slashing point guard that finishes well at the rim, good perimeter shooter and plays great on ball defense. High intense hustle player with athleticism, would like to see more outside shooting, has the right skills.

Ramani Parker 2019 6’2 Edison- Good length at 6’2 and long, good release on her outside shot will continue to develop as she gets stronger. Like how she can put the ball on the floor, attack the basket and finish. Great upside.

Kambrayia Elzy 2018 5’7 Mission Oak- Nice size for a Point Guard, see’s the floor well, nice mid-range game and is effective on the defensive end. In your face defense and keeps the pressure on.

Aunjona James 2019 5’10 San Joaquin Memorial- Flashy PG with good court vision, can get you with her specialty crossover move, has long arms and dribbles well in traffic. Good in transition but would like to see her shooting ability.

Sumni Da Silva 2017 5’7 Heritage- Another PG with good vision, runs the offense in transition and has a good shot. Can knock it down from outside, shooting is what she does.

Vanessa Cruz 2016 5’8 CarondeletHigh uptempo PG, has great energy on both ends of the floor, knows when to attack the basket, see’s the floor very well, good court vision. Can knock down the mid-range or from outside. Can definitely be used at the next level.

Maddeline Holland 2017 5’10 Archbishop Mitty- Great motor can play all guard positions and  switch to the 3 as well, very comfortable in the paint, rebounds, always around the ball. Good I.Q, smart player. Knows how to create her own shot and has a consistent mid-range game.

Angel Jackson 2019 6’5 Salesian- She runs the floor well and dominates the post on both ends, good hands and even gets on the floor for loose balls! Great personality. Needs to continue to work on getting stronger, finishing those shots, and being aware of a mismatch down low.

Nadia Johnson 2017 5’9 Antelope- Plays hard, active on both ends, likes to shoot from outside and will attack the open lane. Has good vision with a solid offensive game.

Janelle Sumilong 2017 5’8 Hanford- Good guard, great shooter on the mid-range, recognizes the opportunity on when to score, see’s the floor well, good on ball defender and runs well in transition. Has a really good shot selection all day if you give her space.

Namiko Adams 2017 5’8 West Campus- Crafty PG with excellent handles and penetrates well on fast breaks, see’s the floor well and makes teammates better. She came to compete and showed out for sure. She was alert and active on both ends of the floor, she stayed in attack mode!

Lailoni Gaines 2016 6’0 Modesto Christian- Long with great size. Gets on the boards and grabs rebounds, can also knock down the jumper or outside from three. Runs the floor, active on both ends, would be a solid addition at the next level.

Carolyn Gill 2017 5’10 St. Mary’s Berkeley- Strong leadership qualities and a very athletic guard with good length, runs the floor well and can finish. Plays hard and goes all out, high energy, intense player with a great motor. You need a player like this on your team to get things going.

Raziya Potter 2018 6’0 – Very athletic forward, versatile enough to play all 5 positions but is a dominate 3 with a powerful game, strong and aggressive, rebounds well on both ends, and can shoot inside and from perimeter. If you give her an open lane or on a fast break its either an automatic and1 or to the line.

Zakiya Williams 2017 5’5 Enochs- High energy player, pressure defender, attacks the lane, made some nice passes in transition. Aggressive strong player with good athleticism. Would like to see more mid-range and outside shooting.

Ciara “CC” O’Kelley 2017 6’2 Concord – Strong post player that rebounds well and can finish underneath, knows how to use her length on defense and is an active screener. Has good hands but would like to see some more footwork down low.

Katelyn Teixeira 2016 5’7 Venture AcademyShe definitely came to play and her offensive game was on! Made some difficult shots to the basket, has some moves on her, flashy player, will shoot and take the shot if you give her space. Nice mi-range game. High energy player that can be used at the next level.

Lesila Finau 2018 5’10 Dublin-  Long rangy guard, can play point or the 2, has a great shot and finishes well to her left, plays passing lanes well on defense and is very athletic. Brings great energy and plays hard.

Nia Johnson 2018 5’9 Antelope- High energy and intense player, very active, can definitely attack the basket when its open. She makes good passes had some nice assist. Needs to show off her shot a little more, but solid up and coming player with a good skill set.

Karisma Ortiz 2018 6’0 Archbishop Mitty- High I.Q player, she can see the floor, great vision. She can score on offense, nice mid-range and from outside. Can play guard or forward with her size and length. Has some flash to her game and definitely a name to add to your list.

Bailey Hawkins 2017 6’0 Antelope- Long armed small forward with good range, can get up and down the floor well, good rebounder. Plays hard and hustles, active on the boards.

Lexia Bell White 2016 5’10 Modesto Christian- Can play the guard/forward position with great length. Another active player that runs the floor, plays solid defense, hustles for loose balls, rebounds, and steals.

Neenah Young 2018 5’10 St. Mary’s Stockton- Is a sleeper, you can really see her abilities in a showcase environment. Has bounce, hustles, active on both ends, good court vision, will get you rebounds and put backs. Great motor, non-stop player. She will take it at you when attacking the basket. She can shoot the ball, would like to see this consistently. A solid player to watch.

Lauren Richardson 2017 5’11 Inderkum- Nice mid-range game can play multiple positions, rebounds well and has good touch on her shoot. Has good length and size, runs the floor. Can play 3/4 position.

Kate McClard  2018 5’10 Hanford- Hard working guard/forward type that can stretch the floor and face up out on the perimeter, can defend well and applied the pressure. Liked her ability to score on the pull up and on the fast break. Has good energy and plays hard, a player to look for.

Archer Olson 2017 6’0 Gunn- Active small forward with guard skills and a great motor, always moving and can shoot from anywhere on the court, works hard on the defensive end. Has the ability to put it on the floor and knock down the shot.

Jada Moss 2019 5’10 St. Mary’s Stockton- Another sleeper, good shooter runs the floor well in transition, very active on the defensive end and can finish well on fast breaks. She has some moves on her, like that she can shoot the ball. Good I.Q and knows what to do with the ball, court vision is there, dropped several dimes off.

Sam Erisman 2017 5’9 Menlo- Floor general really has command when the ball is in her hands, great court vision and has a good mid-range game, excellent defender. Made some good moves to the basket, can handle the pressure defense.

Ambreece Gaskins 2018 5’6 Stevenson- True point guard with great dibbling skills, sets her teammates up in transition, great on ball defender. Was able to knock down the three ball with ease and finished at the basket on fast breaks.

Mele Finau 2019 5’9 Dublin- Mel has good length and can play all guard positions, good shot and a strong finisher. Made good decisions with the ball from either assisting or taking the open shot.

Ali Bamberger 2019 6’3 Carondelet- young and developing post player, like her work ethic and rebounding, as she gets stronger she will be dominate down low and on the boards. Runs the floor well, would like to see her use her body more and demand the ball in the post. Good upside, she will continue to work.

Middle School

Michaela Young 2024 High uptempo PG with really good defense. Active on both ends, smart player for her age. Made some good passes, plays with confidence, has a good skill set.

Chloe Boron-Trotter 2021 Played well, had a solid defensive game, and attacked the basket and finished. Would like to see her shoot it more to show off her shot.

Amira Brown 2021 Has a nice shot, stays involved and active on both ends, plays hard. Would like to see her attack a little more.

Simone Johnson 2021 Smart player, high I.Q for the game. Can shoot the mid-range, the three, and attack the basket. Has some flash to her game. Plays both ends of the floor very well.

Mallorie Haines 2021 She keeps doing more every time. She attacked the basket more and finished at the rim. Always hustles and plays hard on both ends. Loves the game and wants to get better.

Madison Roberts 2021 Strong player, uses her body well to make contact, active on the boards and get you rebounds, can score around the rim, plays physical.

Grace Florendo 2021 She was active around the basket, getting the rebounds, got the put back, always around the ball.

Alyssa Sandle 2021 True point guard that can assist and score. She plays big, hustles, active on defense and offense. Understands the game, smart player.

Siena Guttadauro 2022 Can handle the ball, flashy player, smart with a good I.Q. Plays with a lot of heart and hustle.

Alana Balocating 2021 Played good defense, stayed with her opponent, had a solid game, attacked the basket, was aggressive, liked her hustle!

Alaiyah San Juan 2021 Smart point guard with a nice assist game, she can pass the ball, sees the floor. Can attack, finish at the room and shoot it well.

Maci James 2021 Has great size and length, ran the floor well, attacked the open lane. Active on both ends and is a high energy player.

April Tuason 2021 A scorer that will catch on fire and stay on fire. She shot the mid-range, from outside, and took it to the basket. Fun to watch.

Kimani Holloway 2020 Strong, high intensity, full of energy, hustle player. No stopping her down low. Active on the boards and will get you steals and rebounds.

Jzaniya Harriel 2021 Tough and crafty player. Has good moves to get her to the basket, she always gets it done on offense, no stopping her one on one. Good skill set, knows when to assist, fun to watch.

Samantha Johnston 2021 Great size and length, understands the game. She can shoot from outside, get blocks, and attack the basket. Your versatile 3/4. Solid skill set and has a lot of potential.

Zoe Tillery 2022 Can handle the ball and pass the ball, attacked and finished with the left. Understands the game good skill set, would like to see her shoot more.

Paisley Specht 2021 Played very well. Showed off her shooting ability and attacked the basket and finished at the rim. Good size and length, runs the floor well, active on both ends, fun to watch.

Kendra Grant 2021 A strong solid player that will attack the basket when its wide open. Played very well, was active on both ends, got rebounds, ran the floor. Would like to see more shooting next time.

Abigail Devera 2021 Stayed active and into the game. Was able to attack the lane and finish, played well, ran the floor well, made some good passes.

Ashley Ng 2021 Good to see her attack the open lanes and finish at the rim. Good energy and played well. Would like to see her shoot the mid-range and outside shot.

Kapua Hin 2021 Made good decision with the ball, took the open shot when it was open, played with confidence, stayed active and involved in the play.

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