USA U17 Part 2!

The action continued to pick up session after session at the U17 Trials in Colorado Springs, Co. More standouts from Day 2 include:

Alexis Morris 2017 Texas

Maya Dodson 2017 Georgia

Charli Collier 2018 Texas

Desiree Caldwell 2018 Texas

Nalyssa Smith 2018 Texas

Lauren Davenport 2018 Texas

Destanni Henderson 2018 Florida

Madison Williams 2018 Texas

Kennedy Brown 2019 Kansas

Jordan Hamilton 2017 Texas

Myra Gordon 2017 Texas

Haley Jones 2019 California

Raziya Potter 2018 California

Kourtney Weber Louisiana

Christyn Williams 2018 Arkansas

Mikayla Boykin 2017 North Carolina

London Thompson 2018 North Carolina

Sam Brunelle 2019 Virginia

Qadashah Hoppie 2017 New York

Olivia Nelson-Ododa 2018 Georgia

Kasi Kushkituah 2017 Georgia

Sedona Prince 2018 Texas

Caitlin Bickle 2018 Arizona

Janelle Bailey 2017 North Carolina

Lindsey Jarosinski 2018 Illinois

Chloe Chapman 2019 Maryland

Aliyah Boston 2019 Massachusetts

Katlyn Gilbert 2018 Indiana

Rellah Boothe 2017 Florida

Aquira DeCosta 2018 California

Loretta Kakala 2017 California

Nazahrah Hillmon 2018 Ohio

Michelle Sidor 2019 New Jersey

Jade Williams 2017 Texas

Ashley Foster 2018 Georgia

Kianna Williams 2017 Texas

Taylor Mikesell 2018 Ohio

Jamilyn Robinson 2018 Louisiana

Lacie Hull 2018 Washington

McKenna Haire 2017 North Carolina

Nyah Green 2019 Texas

Sydney Parrish 2020 Indiana

Kenzie Forbes 2018 California

Ariel Johnson 2018 California

Zoe Young 2019 Iowa

Bexley Wallace 2018 Ohio

Jenna Brown 2018 Georgia

Anaya Peoples 2019 Illinois

Breanna Beal 2019 Illinois


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