Queens Court Middle School 2016

Our 4th Annual Queens Court Showcase did not disappoint with the talent! Special thanks to the parents, staff, and everyone who made it possible: NSR Recruiting, Elite I.Q.Hoops, Harry Elifson of P.A.S.S,  Body Armor, and NB Courts.

Stacey Harris National Scouting Report

Kristel Neypes 2021– Athletic and good finisher good spin move already. Understands the game, has good fundamentals, assists players, knows where her teammates are.

Veronica McGee 2020 – Good footwork and can create her own shot. Good size as well, showed off both inside and outside game. Can definitely score the ball.

Dawson Bell 2021– long, rangy, and can finish with her off hand. Like that she plays both ends of the floor, keeps her hands up, stays ready on the play. Made some good passes on the way to the basket.

Kaysie Watanabe 2020 Can handle the ball, shoot from outside, has good fundamental skills, gets the ball to her teammates, true PG. Would like to see her be more aggressive on offense.

Simone Johnson 2021– Elite player for her age, good motor, and good shot selection, finishes with ease when attacking the rim. Great fundamental skills, smart player, and passes very well.

Gabby Giuffre 2020– Excellent rebounder, good size, strong, can finish with off-hand, very fluid player. Can even shoot the jumper. Player to watch!

Isabella Tinoco 2020– She can definitely score, not afraid of contact, will take it inside on bigger players, good all-around player. Good fundamentals! Can shoot from outside or attack the basket.

Kendra Grant 2021 – Runs the floor very well, physical inside finisher, great rebounder. Plays both ends of the floor, active, like that she’s attempting to shoot the jump shots now!

Charity Gallegos 2021– True point guard with good court vision. Nice floater game for her age, patient, doesn’t force the pass much, shares the ball, makes good decisions. Solid skill set with very good fundamentals.

Mia Sheppard 2020 –Long body moves well can play post or perimeter. Able to finish at the rim, want to see more energy from her.

Grace Florendo 2021 – Nice long body with a good quick release, good shooter. Definitely improving her skills. Showed off some nice ball fakes with a floater. She’s attacking the basket more and being aggressive. Love the improvement.

Hollie Salsig 2020- Played with great energy, stayed active, talks on the floor, plays both ends of the floor. Will attack the basket when she see’s an opening, plays hard.

Logan Garza 2021 – Post type player that can stretch bigs to the wing, good size. Played hard, and stayed active.

Alana Balocating 2021 – Point Guard with a nice shot and see’s the floor well. Needs to continue to work on being aggressive and demanding the ball more.

Denise Stine 2020- Fast player, good burst of speed and will blow by you, active on both ends, has a good motor. Can attack the basket with ease, would like to see her shooting range a little more.

Kailani Griego 2020 – Moves well without the ball ,good passer, great vision. Active on both ends, played well.

Jzaniya Harriel 2021 – The Real Deal! Shoots it from anywhere great footwork, and shot selection. Continues to use her body very well, knows how to make contact to get the foul. Very physical and aggressive player, a scorer!

Chloe Boron- Trotter 2021 – Good all-around player, can do it all on the court, good ball control, vision, rebounds well and blocks shots, tremendous upside here, and good shot selection.

Abigail Devera 2021 – Point guard type moves the ball well, good court vision. Played hard, and did a good job.

Rachel Harvey 2020- Was very impressive and has some serious moves. Can finish at the rim, scores the ball well, I.Q is there, played both ends of the floor very well. She plays with some flare and has some flash to her game. Watch this one.

Siena Guttadauro 2022- Dynamic dribbler with good court vision, hard worker! She’s an attacker, not shy. Keep an eye out!

Ashley Yanabu 2020– True point guard runs the floor well, facilitator. Like her passing ability to see the floor, and get it to her teammates. Very active on both ends of the floor, brings good energy.

Ashley Ng 2021 – Point Guard with good court vision, and long arms on defense. Stayed active on both ends, needs to continue to be aggressive and attack on offense.

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