Queens Court High School 2016

Our 4th Annual Queens Court Showcase did not disappoint with the high school talent! Everyone came ready to work hard. Special thanks to the parents, staff, and everyone who made it possible: NSR Recruiting, Elite I.Q.Hoops, Body Armor, Project Basketball, and NB Courts.

Stacey Harris National Scouting Report Evaluations

Savana Arce 2019 – Physical guard, can also play the post, sets good screens, and can stretch the floor shooting the three.

Yaniah Fleming 2018 – Very quick off the dribble, she is a scoring threat anywhere on the court. Can definitely knock down the three ball, showed consistency and range from out there.

Ilmar’i Thomas 2017 – Physical inside presence with good hands, she finishes well inside, good all around game and can shoot from outside. Showed a lot of versatility and can bring the ball up the court.

Dominique Lewis 2017 – Good size point guard that see’s the floor well and can finish inside. Good mid-range shot. Has good moves to the basket, strong physical player that can score.

Archer Olson 2017 – Plays hard, great motor, very tough and physical game. Good mid-range game with versatility. Showed off her passing skills and shot very well from outside. Stays active on the boards and scores around the rim.

Rachel Peterman 2017– Runs the floor well, has good energy, hustle player that’s active on both ends of the floor. Attacks the rim and finishes with contact. She plays aggressive and played very well.

Tiazha Jackson 2017 – Strong body point guard that passes well off the dribble and can get to the basket.

Sydney Polizer 2019 – Tremendous upside! Very versatile player with good size can play 1-4 and has a good feel for the game. Active around the ball and can shoot the ball.

Alana Dunphy 2018- Has great length, good rebounder on both ends, and runs the floor well. Gets her hands on the ball and able to deflect/block shots.

Jada Moss 2019 – Very athletic wing that defends well and can create off the dibble, good outside shot, scores and stays in attack mode. Plays both ends of the floor well, has good energy, stays active.

Kamryn Hall 2019 – Very physical post type player, reads and reacts well to pick and rolls, and finishes with strength, power, and speed. Great rebounder with huge Upside! Has a lot of versatility to her game, can go inside or step outside to shoot.

Gabby Edmond 2018– Solid guard type with range, likes attacking the rim from the middle of the floor good jumper and ball skills.

Raziya Potter 2018– Very physical and versatile player, can play 1-5 strong rebounder and defender can take it inside and face up from the perimeter. Has great court vision, distributes the ball very well. Player to watch!

Casandra White 2017 – Inside small forward type that can rebound and get into transition quickly, good mid-range game and has a high basketball IQ.

Zakiya Williams 2017– Point guard with good court vision, moves well in a crowd and can defend well. Attacks and finished at the rim with contact, has some good moves, handles the pressure, stays active on both ends of the floor.

Andrea Selkow 2017 – Long arms and rebounds well she can be a threat on the block and runs the floor well.

Caitin Bowman 2017 – likes to bang inside, strong physical player, very good rebounder, and can make the mid-range shot.

Namiko Adams 2017– Very active guard that plays both ends of the floor. Has great energy, likes to attack the glass, has a good outside shot and passes very well. Makes good decisions with the ball, a scoring PG.

Lesila Finau 2018– Good size guard with good length, and excellent defender, gets out in transition and finishes well with either hand. Very unselfish player that passes the ball very well. Smart and understands the game. Deadly outside set shot!

Lexie Romero 2018– Physical guard type that can guard bigs strong interior game and can shoot the three ball.

Mele Finau 2019 – Athletic rangy wing with a fluid game, good outside shot and can finish. Was able to attack and finish at the rim.

Julia Blackshell-Fair 2017– Super quick combo guard that will blow by you. Can really get out in transition and finish at the rim. Strong and physical plays with high energy all the time. Good on ball defender and like that she is attempting to shoot the mid-range more. Beast!

Delaney Moore 2017 – Small forward type that can stretch the floor, rebounds well and plays with intensity. Active around the basket, defends well, keeps her hands up to block shots. Understands the game, high I.Q. very impressed with her performance.

Veronica McGee 2020 – fluid around the basket and rebounds well goo mid-range shot.

Kaiya Ransom 2018– Point Guard type with good ball skills and court vision, can shoot the three ball very well. Moves well in transition and hustles on every play.

Nailah Dillard 2019 – Tall rangy guard with a quick release. Can put the ball on the floor and finish. Can handle the ball, has some good moves to the basket and moves to create space to shoot the ball. Keep your eyes on this one!

Vanessa Cochrane 2018– Point Guard that has good court vision and is a good perimeter defender.

Hope Salsig 2018 – Penetrating guard with a good outside shot, finishes well with either hand.

Jordyn Lilly 2019 – Runs the floor well and can rebound and stays busy in the post.

Lexia Bell-White 2016– Has good size, with good length, active on both ends of the floor, able to get rebounds and steal. Solid utility player that does the little thing.

Dezmine Washington 2017- Played well at the PG spot. Was good on defense, assisted her teammates well, and played hard.

Kiara Jones 2018 – Good perimeter shooter and has good court vision from the point.

Alyssa Sandoval 2017– Shooter has good balance and footwork works the perimeter and can attack from outside in.

D’aja Bryant 2019 – Moves well in the post, has good hands and can finish. Good rebounder, can be a dominate post presence, hard worker and determined attitude.

Meah Melendez 2017 – Interior player good rebounder finishes well.

Kajeane Davis 2017 – Quick long arm point guard with good court vision and good ball handler.

Adriana Ovando 2017 – Smart PG, makes nice passes, distributes well, understands the game, can score if its open, doesn’t force much.

Courtney Six 2019– Handled her own, was able to play the PG position well and distribute the ball, stayed active on both ends.

Jasmine Spencer 2018– Always seems to be around the ball, able to get easy money and put backs around the rim, distributes the ball well, handles pressure, and can shoot the mid-range.

Katelyn Teixeira 2016– Real nice PG with some flash to her game, knocks down shots, can score, can pass, everything you need for the next level, great pick up for a college program.

Giana Wright 2017– Versatile player that can play anywhere. She can knock down the mid-range, the three, get rebounds, will out work you, active with a good motor. Plays hard all the time, love her intensity!

Skylar Jackson 2017– Strong physical player at the guard position. Has solid court vision, can attack the rim and finish. Likes the contact, plays active on both ends.

Kajeane Davis 2017– Has a nice mid-range shot, can knock it down, active on defense, great energy. See the floor well, played well.

Makenna Poole 2017– Had a nice game at the event. Ran the floor well, attacked the basket, was able to score and knock down the jumper.

Allison Tilbury 2019– Did a good job, played hard, active on both ends, needs to continue to be more aggressive on offense.

Brandy Brown 2017– Has good size, solid length, showed good intensity on both defense and offense, active player. Played very well.

Nia Smiley 2019– Held her own, solid PG, stayed active on both ends, good energy, played well. Would like to continue to see more.

Samantha Tognotti 2018- Has good size, nice length, active around the basket. Played well, showed some intensity on both ends of the floor.

Dorshaela Wesson 2019- Has good energy active, played good defense, would like to see more of being aggressive on offense. Played well.





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