The Newcomers on the scene, Lady Pro Skills

Lady Pro Skills are the new comers on the AAU scene that made some noise in their 1st year as a team. Based out of Dallas, Tx this team is fairly young featuring a lot of rising stars that are more than capable of being Division 1 players. Earl Rooks is not only the Head Coach but he is also their trainer. That entity as a trainer, is called Full Throttle Basketball. In all of the training sessions PTB has been to, their intense, non-stop, repetition, and pushing as hard as you can go, transfers over into results on the court.

The teams turning point came at Nike TOC in Chicago where they picked up a signature win against the Georgia Metros. Pro Skills eventually won the championship in the top bracket after being down by eight with two minutes to go. That same momentum carried over to Basketball on the Bayou where they played top heavy teams like Essence Purple and Team Elite Pointer. They may not have came out with a win against those teams but they competed and showed up to play with over 70 college coach’s watching. That’s a win in itself.

Who’s on the team? With a nine player roster each player plays their role well.

Mallory Adams 2018 at 6’0 she brings energy, toughness, battles after rebounds, knocks down jumpers, and attacks the basket.

Sarah Andrews 2020 5’6 physical, skilled, handles the pressure, handles the ball, plays her position well, attacks the open lanes, distributes the ball. Does things you wouldn’t think, so advanced at her age.

Lauren Davenport 2018 6’1 is your scorer, from shooting outside to penetrating the lanes. She can handle the ball, assist her teammates, has a nice versatility to her game.

Katie Ferrell 2018 6’2 that uses her length to block shots. She is your outside shooter with good size. Leads the team and makes good decisions with the ball.

Jordyn Merritt 2020 6’2 with great length is another versatile player that can shoot the mid-range or use her footwork down low in the post. She has improved on her game, and her potential is unlimited as she continues to grow and get stronger.

Deja Terrell 2017 6’1 is a strong physical player down in the post. Has good footwork with a nice drop step/spin move. Active around the glass, good motor, solid hustle player.

Gabby McBride 2019 6’2 an athletic post with good hands. Tough physical player and active down low.

Destini Whitehead 2018 5’10 Your lock down defender, game changer spark on the floor, very fast player, plays aggressive, and attacks the basket.

Hailee Walls 2017 5’7 knock down shooter, handles the ball, good I.Q, makes good decisions, and brings leadership to the team.


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