Grand Finale 2016

Middle School

Aniyah Augmon and Marley Langi 2021 MVP’s

The 4th Annual Grand Finale games continue, this year in Hayward,Ca. We invite some of NorCal’s best from middle school to high school and have everyone come together under one roof to compete. Always a fun environment and good to see players in action before high school season starts. Yes, there is still talent to see and some on the come up in NorCal.

The middle school group seems to always represent well. Aniyah Augmon brings a lot of energy and hustle, attacks the basket when there is an opening. Marley Langi has solid footwork, good hands, can handle the ball, and score. Charity Gallegos ran the offense and is a solid PG in the making, Jzaniya Harriel brings both offense and defense, can always get a hand on the ball. Kendra Grant is another attacker that gets to the basket, Gabby Giuffre has good size, physical player, can score from outside and inside. Grace Florendo is adding more to her game, like her mid-range shot. Chloe Boron-Trotter has  a nice offensive game, made some difficult shots. Simone Johnson another talented player that can do it on both ends. Divine Taylor and Analillia Cabuena have good hands and size down low, Siena Guttadauro is a fearless young player with flash. Isabella Tinoco and Amira Brown added some nice outside shooting. Stephanie Carrera, Ashley Yanabu, Ashley Ng, Abigail Devera, Kristel Neypes with nice drives to the basket.

All the high school players that attended did not miss a beat. Many came to play and turned heads, be sure to catch these players during the high school season.

Players to watch this season:

Jasmine Davis ’17 Antioch

Aliyah Arcillas ’18 Sacred Heart

Numi Saini ’18 Terra Nova

Jalina Colon ’19 Sacred Heart

Nia Smiley ’19 Buhach Colony

Hollie Salsig Modesto Christian

Lyric Moran ’18 Kimball

Lea Anderson ’18 Grace Davis

Maci Miedema ’18 Big Valley Christian

Mary Tincher ’19 Amador Valley

Kianna Maldia ’19 Ann Sobrato

Emily Tincher ’19 Amador Valley

Allison Tilbury ’19 Modesto Christian

Casandra White ’17 Modesto Christ.

Veronica McGee John Swett

Victoria Iafeta ’18 Milpitas

Venus Pascua ’18 Terra Nova

Jenessa Herrera ’19 Vanden

Nicole Young ’19 St Mary’s Stockton

Bailey Jones ’18 Castro Valley

Kaitlyn Leung ’19 Pinewood

Ayon Carter ’19 Moreau Catholic

Trinity Starks ’18 Valley Christian

Rachel Peterman ’17 Loyalton

Sydney Politzer ’19 Marin Catholic

Kaiya Ransom ’18 Kimball

Tiazha Jackson ’17 Gunn

Meagan Warwick ’17 Modesto Christian

D’aja Bryant ’19 Modesto Christian

Nicole Warwick ’17 Modesto Christian

Lexie Romero ’18 San Ramon Valley

Jasmyne Huggins ’19 Piedmont

Savanna Arce ’19 Dublin

Taloauau Li-Uperesa ’19 Sacred Heart

Dominique Lewis ’17 Enochs

Giana Wright ’17 Castro Valley

Nailah Dillard ’19 Inderkum

Zakiya Williams ’17 Enochs

Alana Dunphy ’18 Eureka

Ali Bamberger ’19 Carondelet

Errayanna Hatfield ’18 Sacred Heart

Alyssa Hayes ’17 Carlmont

Yaniah Fleming ’18 Sacred Heart

Mele Finau ’19 Dublin

Dezmine Washington ’17 Turlock

Jasmine Spencer ’17 Modesto Christ.

Neenah Young ’19 St. Mary’s Stockton

Lesila Finau ’19 Dublin

Alyssa Sandoval ’17 Modesto Christ.

Xinavane Foreman ’17 Berkeley



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