Fall Finale 2016

The Fall Finale in Georgia definitely had some new talent that was must see. Special thanks to First Step Basketball for putting on a solid tournament. These are teams and players to check for.

Alabama Heat 2018’s has some talent: Camillie Buckhanon 6’3, Taylor Aikerson, Tori Webb 6’2, Eboni Williams 6’2

Alabama Heat 2021 Allasha Dudley

Alabama Aces 2017 Zakiria Williams

Bounce Nation: Anaya Boyd, Jaleah Storrs, Kaziah Terrell

B-Wright 2018: Kenedi Hambrick, Sydni Harvey, Kaia Upton, Yaubryons Chambers

B-Wright Red: Kyleigh Hardy, Sydnie Ward

B-Wright 2020: #3, Sydney Boykin, Peyton Faye

B-Wright 2021: Amelia Osgood, Erina Shin, Jayla Lee

FBC Black: 2018 Lilian Kennedy, Shekinah Guthrie, Alyssa Cagle

FBC 2018: Jada Rice 6’3, 2019 Javyn Nicholson 6’3, Bria Harmon 2019, Kayla Dixon, Desiree Conner, Jaron Stallworth, Taylor Hosendove

FBC Blue 2018: Victoria Agyin, Tehya Lyons, Simone Lett, Devyn Wilson, Daimaya McPherson, Cameron Swartz, 2019 Zamiya Passmore,

FBC Futures: 2021 De’Mauri Flourny, 2022 Paris Miller, 2021 Savannah Casey, 2021 Alyssa Phillip, 2023 Daina Collins

FBC 2019: Jadyn Scott 6’1, Jada Scott 6’0

FBC YoungGunz whole squad: Raven Johnson 2021, 2021 Paige Lyons, 2021 Patsy Mosley, 2022 Bridget Utberg, 2020 Amirah Abdur-Rahim, 2020 Avyonce Carter, 2021 Briana Turnage, Dylan Claybrook

FBC Hunt whole squad: Brooke Moore, Jazmine Massengill, Elizabeth Balogun, Chanel Wilson, Treasure Hunt, Amber Hunt, Rokia Doumbia, Kamilla Soares

FGB Courtney Williams: 2020 Amari Wright, 2019 Rey’anna Jones, 2020 Caitlin McGee, 2018 Shania Edgecombe

GA Dream Team has several 2017’s with size 6’1, 6’2, 6’3.

GA Pistols Diamond: Joslyn Jones

Georgia Flight: 2018 Maranda Thorton 6’0

Hoop Dream Athletics has a nice squad: 2017 Erin Thames, 2018 Mahogany Matthews 6’4, 2017 Sierra Votaw 6’3, 2017 Sisalynn Norman, 2017 Phydel Nwanze

Jacksonville Rams: 2017 Tameria Johnson

Titans Elite 2020: Peryonna Sylvester, Sophia Clark, Larissa Jennings, Nubia Benedict

Titans Elite 2021: Jasmine Peaks, Emani Burks, Nasia Powell

TN Flight Jr: 2018 Jordan Elder, 2018 Mykia Dowdell, 2018 Allison Mayeux, 2018 Sydni Lollar, 2018 Maggie Knowles

TN Flight: 2019 Taylor Patterson, Sophie Henry, Jenna Kallenberg

TN Flight 2019: Madison Griggs, Casey Collier

TN Flight 2020 Dontavia Waggoner

WP Celtics: 2017 Tamiah Lewis, 2018 Tyler Collins, 2017 Bria Bass, 2018 Ashley Foster

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We cover Girls Basketball and travel to so many places throughout the year looking for special talent, top teams, rival games, and playoffs! We decided to allow people to watch and getter a better understanding besides reading about it or seeing a photo of a player/team. Feel free to chime in and let us know what other talent is out there!

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