Dream Big Exposure Seattle

Dream Big Exposure in Seattle was another productive day in the gym as the girls worked on their game and competed. For more info visit

Jada Faalago active on both ends of the floor, plays hard, can finish on the right hand side, need to see the left hand more.

Sharayah Johnson 2021 6’2 a lefty with great size, can bring the ball up the floor, rebounds, and shoot from outside. Nice versatile game.

Farrah Parrish 2021 can handle the ball, nice court vision, and attacks the basket.

Laila Greene 2021 has some flash to her game, handles the ball, shoots it well from outside.

Stephanie Lafountaine 2021 has some skills to her game, uses her moves to get to the basket.

Tami Gallo 2023 she’s still young but she can definitely score, plays fearless. She took it inside and out.

Jada Liulamaga 2021 made some tough difficult shots, guess that’s her game, taking tough shots and making them.

Mary Mpoyo 2021 a knock down shooter, consistent with her shot, played both ends of the floor, she’s active, always around the ball.

Jaleesa Lawrence 2021 aggressive player, active on the boards, finishes around the basket, can shoot from outside.

Paige Winter 2020 has good size, solid footwork, aggressive down low and on the boards. Would like to see her play PG/forward position.

Maya Eke 2019 runs the PG position well, has some solid moves, finishes at the basket.

Gabriella Santana 2017 handles the ball well, she can get to the basket, need to see more shooting but played well.

Thalia Watters 2018 has some athleticism, good speed, has good court vision, solid guard skills.

Nohea Morrison 2019 caught fire and knocked down like four three’s in a row. She can shoot it.

Hilary Hardman 2019 a smart young player, can score and definitely from outside.

Molly Delacruz 2020 also played well, active on both ends of the floor, finished at the basket.

Notable Mentions: 2023 Joanne Billie, 2024 Leeschelle SoHappy, 2024 Dizz’bella Titialii, 2023 Allie Greene. 2020 Alicia Pluff, and #27

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