Cardinal Newman Classic Final

The last day of the Cardinal Newman Classic ended with a bang! The championship match up between the two best teams in the event, Cardinal Newman vs St. Mary’s Stockton. The action was definitely high energy and both programs shot very well from three point land. St. Mary’s Stockton pulled away in the 4th qtr and beat beat Cardinal Newman 74-55. Many thanks to the Cardinal staff and coach’s for the great hospitality and a great event.

Sacramento beats Oakland High 71-33. Sacramento high scorers: 2019 RyAnne Walters with 16pts, 2017 Maya Lawrence with 14pts, 2019 Serina McMillan with 10pts, 2019 Anna Blount, 2019 Rebekah Brown.

Menlo Atherton beats St. Mary’s Berkeley 76-56. Menlo Atherton high scorers: 2018 Greer Hoyem with 24pts, 2017 Ofa Sili with 19pts, 2018 Carly McLanahan with 14pts. St. Mary’s Berkeley high scorers: 2017 Carolyn Gill 20pts, Kayla Rosemon 12pts.

Campolindo beats Pleasant Valley 62-56. Campolindo high scorers: 2018 Haley Van Dyke with 29pts, 2018 Ashley Thoms with 10pts, 2018 Aubrey Wagner. Pleasant Valley high scorers: 2018 Sirena Tuitele with 22pts, 2017 Kayla Joyce with 10pts, 2018 Claire Garcia, 2017 Nicole Flint, 2019 Chloe Mayer.

St. Mary’s Stockton beat Cardinal Newman 74-55. St. Mary’s Stockton high scorers: 2018 Aquira DeCosta 22pts, 2018 Ariel Johnson 17pts, 2018 Neenah Young 15pts, 2019 Jada Moss, 2020 Amaya Oliver. Cardinal Newman high scorers: 2017 Hailey Vice-Neat 21pts, 2018 Maiya Flores 18pts, 2019 Avery Cargill, 2020 Anya Choice.


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