Top Plays, Presentation Shootout 2016

The recap from the Presentation Shootout. There were definitely players that had the hot hand as well as good team match ups in San Jose,Ca. Who stood out?

Presentation: 2018 Ava Williams, 2018 Sharon Roldan, and 2018 Akemi Namba

Gunn High School: 2017 Archer Olson 6’0 (unsigned), and 2017 Tiazha Jackson.

Woodside Priory: 2019 lla Lane 6’4, 2018 Tatiana Reese 5’8, 2019 Gabby Ruiz 5’10

Saint Francis: 2019 Paige Uyehara, 2017 Kellie Duran, 2017 Adriana Frazier 6’1.

McClatchy: 2017 Courtesy Clark 5’10 (unsigned), 2017 Jordan Cruz, 2019 Nia Lowery 5’11, 2019 Kamryn Hall 6’0, 2017 Kamaree Donald (unsigned).

St. Ignatius: 2017 Ayzhiana Basallo, 2017 Ariana Abdulmassih, 2017 Maggie Burke, and 2020 Rachel Harvey.

Cardinal Newman: 2019 Avery Cargill, 2018 Maiya Flores, and 2017 Hailey Vice-Neat.

Sacred Heart Cathedral: 2018 Aliyah Arcillas, 2018 Rainah Smith, 2018 Errayanna Hatfield, 2017 Edina Del Rosario, and 2017 llmar’l Thomas.

Berkeley: 2017 Alexouis Bruce, 2017 Reja’h Bordenave, 2018 Abrea Batieste, 2017 Shani Jones, 2017 Mia Finnie.

Valley Christian: 2017 Kyanna Davis, 2018 Trinity Stark, 2018 Lizzie Moore, 2017 Caitlin Keding.


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We cover Girls Basketball and travel to so many places throughout the year looking for special talent, top teams, rival games, and playoffs! We decided to allow people to watch and getter a better understanding besides reading about it or seeing a photo of a player/team. Feel free to chime in and let us know what other talent is out there!

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