Skilled Up Elite Showcase

Chris Johnson put on the Skilled Up Elite Showcase in Houston,TX. The talent did not disappoint as many of them have improved and some were new on the scene. Who we saw?

Dyani Robinson 5’5 2019– Very fast player from end to end with a good motor. Plays good defense, active hands, can get to the basket. Would like to see more mid-range and outside shooting.

Aiken Semones 5’4 2021- Has the I.Q and good skill set. Her passion and work ethic will separate her from the rest. You can tell she watches a lot of basketball because she makes good decisions with the ball. Moving into high school she will need to get stronger, quicker, and work on having a quick release.

McKinzie Green 5’6 2019– Quick athletic Guard that has improved on her outside shooting. She can always get to the rim with her speed, can handle the ball, and score. Most impressed with her shooting, would like to see her mid-range game next.

Madison Griffon

Madison Griffon 5’4 2019– Has good athleticism, tough player, smart with the ball, flashy game with nice handles Brings intensity, plays hard, active on both ends. Tends to pass too much, needs to recognize when the opportunity is there to take on offense. Has many qualities.

Fatou Sam 6’4 2020– Has great size, good hands, runs the floor, not clumsy but needs to get stronger with the ball. Can be a high major recruit if she continues to develop. Was impressed with the skill set she has for being a freshmen.

Queen Egbo 6’3 2018– An athlete that stays active in the paint. Gets block shots, stays on the boards, can bring the ball up the floor and go coast to coast. Has good size and length with definite D1 abilities.

Rori Harmon

Rori Harmon 5’6 2021– A special talent with skills. First seeing her in the 5th grade she dominated and held her own against older players and she still continues to do just that. She has the qualities to be the best. Fast, athletic, can pass, shoot, play defense, she just does many things well. Can really separate herself by being a knock down shooter, mid-range, outside, and off the dribble.

Priscilla Williams 6’2 2020– Versatile player with size and length. She has guard qualities, can handle the ball and shoot it. Able to block shots with her wingspan. Has the potential to be the next major recruit.

Rebekah Hailey 5’9 2020– Made a lot of impressive plays at the basket, played fearless, scored inside and outside. Smart player with a nice skill set.

Myra Gordon

Myra Gordon 5’11 2020– Good size PG, plays aggressive, attacks the basket when the opportunity is there, finishes difficult shots at the rim, will shoot the mid-range. Needs to not force the play if its not open. She’s continuing to progress at the PG position.

Kyndall Hunter 5’6 2021– Has improved at the PG position. Has a nice assist game, see’s the floor, still shooting consistently from outside, attacks the basket, can handle the ball. Handled her own against the older competition. Another nice talent in the making.

Liz Scott 6’0 2019-Good size with versatility. Can handle the ball, attack the basket and finishes in the paint. Strong and physical player that is usually a mismatch for most who have to guard her. A definite D1 prospect with a good skill set.

Cyd Rivera

Cyd Rivera 5’7 2018– Still plays well and showed that she can shoot, assist, break the defender down. A definite D1 player with a good skill set, she gets it done.

Briley Perkins 5’8 2019– Has improved on her shooting, impressed with shooting off the dribble and being more physical. More confident playing the PG position. Needs to continue working on tightening up the ball handling.

Kaley Perkins 5’10 2021– Plays with more confidence and attacks the basket, makes good decisions with the ball, can also shoot it well. Good to see her play more aggressive.

Bailey Andrews 5’7 2020– Showed off the stroke. Made several back to back 3’s and a few from deep. Would like to see more at the PG position.

Arianna Sturdivant 5’9 2020– Another shooter that can knock it down consistently or take it inside. Has good skills and knows what to do with the ball. Can definitely score.

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We cover Girls Basketball and travel to so many places throughout the year looking for special talent, top teams, rival games, and playoffs! We decided to allow people to watch and getter a better understanding besides reading about it or seeing a photo of a player/team. Feel free to chime in and let us know what other talent is out there!

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