2017 Queens Court High School

Our 5th Annual Queens Court was another successful year but this time in Sacramento,Ca. Brought in a variety of trainers to help assist these young ladies in learning new basketball skills and techniques. Special Thanks to LB Insider, NEB Media, Stacey Harris of NSR, Aim High, Elite I.Q. Hoops, Renee Robinson, and all the players, parents, and staff that made this event possible.

High School
Player Scouting Report from Queens Court 2017
By NSR Scout Stacey Harris

Janessa Herrera ’19 Vanden 5’4– Shot the ball well, off the dribble and on the pull up jumper. Assisted well, seen the floor, got it to the open teammate. Definitely has a nice game with some flash, can handle the ball very well.

Mikaela Bismillah ’18 Cal High 5’5– Very quick combo guard that can defend, has range from the perimeter and a non-stop motor, has great court vision and attacks the rim, her mid-range game stop and pop shot is good.

Tiana Rodgers ’19 Eureka 5’3– Small point guard type that see’s the floor well and runs the offense, quick in transition and makes good decisions with the ball. Good outside shot.

Savanna Arce ’19 Dublin 5’8– 3-4 type that can stretch the floor with her outside shooting, decent ball handling, and passes well for the middle of the key.

Imani Felix

Imani Felix ’21 PG 5’6- Very good on ball defender showed some quickness and see’s the floor well, point guard with a good looking shot, and can penetrate and dish. Definitely a player to keep an eye on as she has potential going into high school. Can’t wait to see how her game translates in high school.

Sydney Politzer ’19 Guard Marin Catholic 5’10– Long rangy guard with good hands and a excellent mid-range game, she can defend the perimeter and the post, good rebounder and can finish around the rim.

Jayla Washington ‘20 Guard 5’6-Played well, would like to see more attacking on the offensive end. Needs to continue work on handling the ball and shooting.

Kaylin Randhawa ’18 G/F Pitman 6’2- Moves very well on the perimeter, good ball handling and has a quick release on her jumper, can get to the rim from the wing, and a match up nightmare for smaller guards. Impressive player that has a versatile game.

Aquira DeCosta ’18 St. Mary’s– Superior athleticism, size , strength, and speed. Combine that with a good touch on her jumper and she can get to the rim anytime, showed her perimeter game with quick perimeter moves, she rebounds well and commands the ball in transition.

Hollie Salsig ’20 PG Turlock 5’5– Played well, would like to see more attacking on the offensive end. Unselfish player that shared the ball and made good decisions. Needs to continue work on handling the ball and shooting.

Myli Martinez ’18 G Vanden 5’7– Quick guard that see’s the floor well in transition and can defend the perimeter, a team player with good form on her jumper. Can definitely get to the basket and finish at the rim. Strong aggressive player.

Lindsey Yep ’19 Guard 5’5– Strong point guard type with a good mid-range game, she has good court vision and can stay with her man on defense, physical, quick, determined.

Delia Moore ’18 PG Golden Valley 5’8– Rangy wing type that can set up her shot from the wing and get to the rim, showed good footwork on defense, hard worker and she hustles. Made good decisions with the ball and had some nice moves on the offensive end.

Hope Salsig ’18 Guard Turlock 5’6– Hustler 110% that works very hard on both ends of the court, has a good feel for the game and is an unselfish player.

Yanira Gabourel

Yanira Gabourel ’19 Guard Berkeley 5’5– Strong physical player that plays both ends of the floor. Was able to get her hands on some steals and finished at the rim when she attacked the basket. Has solid skills would like to see more of her shooting game.

Shauna Jackson ’19 F Inderkum 5’10– Very good hands and passes well from the block can defend any position and runs the floor well. Played well and was aggressive on both ends of the floor.

Kasmira Williams ’20 F Enochs 5’7– Got it done around the paint, went up strong, physical player, that can score. Would like to see more from the PG position.

Veronica McGee ’20 Guard John Swett 5’7– Big strong 2 guard type, likes the ball in her hands and always looks to score, good ball control and see’s the floor well, and shoot well off screens.

Savannah Henson

Savannah Henson ’18 PG Brookside Christian 5’7- Good shooter and hard worker on both ends of the court, sets herself up well coming off screens and takes proper angles, good size and moves well without the ball.

Zaire Brown ’19 Post De Anza 5’8-Played well, would like to see more attacking on the offensive end. Needs to continue work on handling the ball and shooting.

Maddy Meadows ‘20 Guard Salesian 5’9– Played both ends of the floor, hustled back on defense, was aggressive, attacked the basket when it was open, ran the floor, moved without the ball. Active player that was around the ball.

Aneesah Alapati ’20 PG 5’5– Super Quick point guard with handles and court vision, good on ball defender that stays locked in. She has the ability to make others better. Flashy player that’s fun to watch and can attack the basket.

Bailey Jones

Bailey Jones ’18 PG Castro Valley 5’5– Lighting fast Combo guard and run point or play the 2 with and good baseline jumper and can really attack the glass, in your face defender and has a relentless motor.

Nia Smiley ’19 Guard Buhach Colony 5’6– Good size point guard with a big upside if she continues to develop, gets after it on defense and can run the floor, good form on her jumper.

Destiny Walker ’18 Forward 5’10– Has good size in the post, uses her body well. Showed a nice inside outside game by attacking the basket and stepping out to shoot the jumper. Has quality skills and played well.

Ayana Watson ‘19 Guard Eureka 5’3– Had a nice assist game, seen the floor, got the ball to the open teammate. Played well, would like to see more attacking on the offensive end. Unselfish player that shared the ball and made good decisions.

Beverly Bradley ’20 Guard San Leandro 5’7– Has a knack for being active around the rim, plays hard and is always moving, strong hands a body, boxes out and screens well which gives her great positioning.

Greer Hoyem

Greer Hoyem ’18 F Menlo-Atherton 6’0– Dominant post presence all day, she has great hands and court awareness, she fills the lanes in transition and can finish under the basket. Good mid-range shot, smart player, and rebounds well. A definite player to watch.

Monique Vasquez ‘21 Guard 5’6– Played well, would like to see more attacking on the offensive end. Needs to continue work on handling the ball and shooting.

Malia Guilbert ’20 F Eureka 5’9– Looks like a stretch 3 type very strong body with good hands, plays a strong mid-range game and like to battle close or near the basket, decent jumper and can defend small or big players.

Charlotte Levison

Charlotte Levison ’20 G Sacred Heart Prep 5’10-Excellent mid-range jumper, she can really stroke it, impressive lefty that can defend and hustle, huge upside for this kid. She can put the ball in the basket and has a high I.Q for the game. A definite player to watch!

Lesila Finau ’18 Guard Dublin 5’10– Tall rangy wing type that can run the point as well , very quick first step and has a deadly jumper from the perimeter, very athletic and runs the floor well in transition.

Milan Tuttle ’21 PG 5’6– Was impressed with her defensive instincts and on ball aggressiveness, handles the ball well in transition and her mid-range game is there. She is a “Natural” and a player to watch going into high school!

Deirdre Huff

Deirdre Huff ’18 G Vanden 5’5– Quick player that can get to the basket, can penetrate and dish, has a nice assist game with some look away passes, definitely likes to shoot from outside and will knock them down.

Mele finau ’19 Forwad Dublin 5’9– 2-3 type player with height and the ability to shoot over smaller guards, but can bang with the bigs, her versatility and perimeter game gives her an advantage. Blocks and rebounds well.

Kamryn You Mak ’19 Guard 5’3– Would like to see more attacking on the offensive end. Played well, needs to continue work on handling the ball and shooting.

Kalaya Lee ’18 Guard John Swett 5’8-Very strong on ball defender and has a good jumper from 10-15ft, good court awareness and moves well without the ball, good lefty with power drives from the perimeter.

Lea Anderson ’18 PG Davis 5’2– This one has a motor that never stops! Solid point guard that can score, excellent defender, and plays passing lanes well, she is relentless and a good team player. She’s physical and will attack the basket. A blow by you type player, very quick.

Kameron Codding ’20 Post Santa Rosa 6’2- Tall big post player with a good game from 10ft. in, can play with back to basket or face up, good hands and plays big on defense. She runs the floor well and has potential.

Kaela Stonebarger ’19 PG Mills 5’2– Point guard that facilitates and makes others better, saw good leadership qualities and can shoot it, good defender and likes to get after it. Smart player that knows what to do with the ball.

Hannah Lee ’18 PG Irvington 5’5– Would like to see more attacking on the offensive end. Needs to continue work on handling the ball and shooting, but played well.

Rachel Harvey ’20 PG St. Ignatius 5’5– Good penetrating guard with excellent court vision and handles the ball very well, likes to assist more than score, can defend and shows some floor leadership qualities. Very smart player and knows what to do with the ball. A definite player to watch.

Solara Barrie ’18 Guard Santa Rosa 5’7– Strong player with good court vision and moves well without the ball, rebounds well and runs the floor.

Amaya Oliver

Amaya Oliver ’20 F St. Mary’s 6’1– Very athletic can play 2-5 positions, good touch around the rim and uses her length. Excellent weak side rebounder with quick put backs. Can defend all positions and runs the floor well.Versatile player that can step outside to shoot the 3 or put the ball on the floor to get to the basket. Has a lot of potential, a player to watch for.

Princess Tufele “19 F Santa Rosa 5’10– Big Lefty guard that can be a mismatch inside against smaller guards, versatile type that can play multiple positions, rebounds well.

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