2017 Boo Williams Final Recap

Last day from the 2017 Boo Williams tournament. Final recap and mentions include:

Quinn Weidemann, 5-9, point guard, 2018, All Nebraska Attack

Payton Brotzki, 5-11, guard, 2018, All Nebraska Attack

Alli Roh, 6-0, forward, 2018, All Nebraska Attack

Regan Sankey, 6-2, forward, 2018, All Nebraska Attack

Kiaya Burnett, 5-6, point guard, 2018, Books and Basketball

Unique Miller, 6-2, post, 2021, Team Elite Pointer

Paris Miller, 5-8, point guard, 2022, Team Elite Pointer

Denim Deshields, 5-4, point guard, 2021, Team Elite Pointer

Cierra Foster, 5-6, point guard, 2021, Team Elite Pointer

Sianny Sanchez, 5-1, point guard, 2021, Team Elite Pointer

Aziaha James, 5-9, guard, 2021, BWSL McCray

Jordan Poole, 5-8, forward, 2020, BWSL McCray

Ja’Naiya Quinerly, 5-5, point guard, 2021, BWSL McCray

Diamond Johnson, 5-5, point guard, 2020, BWSL McCray

Taylor Smith, 5-8, guard, 2018, Team Elite Hubbard

Cameron Swartz, 5-11, guard, 2018, Team Elite Hubbard

Amaya Register, 5-5, point guard, 2018, Team Elite Hubbard

Amber Bacon, 5-6, point guard, 2018, ProSkills EYBL

Hannah Gusters, 6-4, post, 2020, ProSkills EYBL

Uchenna Nwoke, 6-7, post, 2018, ProSkills EYBL

Jayla James, 6-1, forward, 2019, Team Takeover 15U

Rayniah Walker, 5-11, guard, 2019, Team Takeover 15U

Angel Reese, 6-2 forward, 2020, Team Takeover 15U

Dakota McCaughan, 5-4, point guard, 2020, Team Takeover 15U

Jasmine Franklin, 6-2, forward, 2018, CyFair EYBL

Saniah Tyler, 5-6, guard, 2022, St. Louis Eagles

Kaylen Evans, 5-7, point guard, 2020, Midwest Elite 15U

Annie Stritzel, 5-10, guard, 2019, Midwest Elite 15U

Amaya Oliver, 6-0, forward, 2020, Jam On It

Traiva Breedlove, 5-8, point guard, 2018, Albany City Rocks

Ruth Koang, 6-4, forward, Albany City Rocks

Makenzie Helms, 5-8, point guard, 2019, New Heights

Maya Buckhanon, 6-2, forward, 2018, Alabama Heat

Tori Webb, 6-1, forward, 2018, Alabama Heat

Taylor Aikerson, 5-7, guard, 2018, Alabama Heat

Jaida Patrick, 5-11, guard, 2019, NJ Sparks

Michelle Sidor, 5-8, point guard, 2019, NJ Sparks

Bre Frazier, 5-8, guard, 2019, NJ Sparks

Jordan Horston, 6-1, point guard, 2019, All Ohio Black

Khylee Jade Pepe, 5-11, forward, 2021, WC Premier

Taliyah Medina, 6-0, guard, 2020, Exodus 15U

Klarke Sconiers, 6-2, forward, 2019, Exodus 15U

Lauren Hansen, 5-8, point guard, 2019, Exodus 15U

Brelynn Bellamy, 6-0, forward, 2019, Exodus 15U

Isabelle Akoro, 6-0, forward, 2019, Missouri Phenom Sug

Maryam Dauda, 6-5, forward, 2021, Missouri Phenom Sug

Madison Braden, 5-5, point guard, 2020, Missouri Phenom Sug



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