2017 Battle Zone Invitational

Peninsula Elite and Golden City put on the Battle Zone Invitational. Enjoy seeing the Central and Northern California teams to see what new lineups they have before hitting the grueling July period. Familiar and new faces were definitely spotted, this is who we seen.

Charity Gallegos, 2021, point guard, Peninsula Elite

Zay Wade, 2020, point guard, Peninsula Elite

Aniyah Augmon, 2021, guard, Peninsula Elite

Miyah Lewis Hampton, 2018, forward, Golden City

Talo Lo-Uperesa, 2019, forward, Golden City

Madeline Ennis, 2019, forward, Golden City

Errayanna Hatfield, 2018, forward, Golden City

Mikaela Bismillah, 2018, point guard, East Bay Tigers

Destiny Jackson, 2019, point guard, East Bay Tigers

Leah Walton, 2018, point guard, East Bay Tigers

Emily Tincher, 2019, forward, East Bay Tigers

Angel Jackson, 2019, post, Orinda Magic

Nia Chinn, 2019, guard, Orinda Magic

Anjel Galbraith, 2019, point guard, Orinda Magic

Taimane Hardee, 2018, guard, Orinda Magic

Kaylin Randhawa, 2018, forward, Peninsula Elite

Jada Moss, 2019, guard, Peninsula Elite

Ava Williams, 2018, guard, Peninsula Elite

Leilani Augmon, 2019, guard, Peninsula Elite

Tatiana Reese, 2018, guard, Peninsula Elite

Alexsandra Alvarado, 2021, point guard, Ca Ballaz

Alyssa Jackson, 2023, point guard, Ca Ballaz

Imani Johnson, 2022, guard, Ca Ballaz

Geriah Beverly, 2023, point guard, Ca Ballaz

Kayla Rosemon, 2020, forward, Ca Ballaz

Caylie Cristobal, 2021, guard, Prime

Kapua Hin, 2021, guard, Prime

Grace Florendo, 2021, guard, Prime

Alana Balocating, 2021, point guard, Prime

Jada Holland, 2019, point guard, EBX

Sydney Politzer, 2019, guard, EBX

Lovely Sooner, 2021, point guard, SF Rebels

Ashley Aurelio, 2023, point guard, Golden City

Alyssa Kem, 2023, point guard, Fresno Heat

Maladysia Weaks, 2023, point guard, Fresno Heat

Katie Springs, 2021, post, Top Flight (Vocal leader, good size, and hands)

Kayla Hankins, 2020, guard, Golden State




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We cover Girls Basketball and travel to so many places throughout the year looking for special talent, top teams, rival games, and playoffs! We decided to allow people to watch and getter a better understanding besides reading about it or seeing a photo of a player/team. Feel free to chime in and let us know what other talent is out there!

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