2017 Hoops On The Hill

Cal Stars EYBL. HS Elite Champs

The 17th Annual Hoops On the Hill put on by Ca Ballaz featured some of the top programs across Northern California. In the final day was the championship match up between Cal Stars EYBL vs Peninsula Elite. Close game in the beginning as both teams traded off on made baskets. Cal Stars held the momentum going into halftime with a buzzer beater from Ariel Johnson. Too much offensive and defensive power in the second half. Cal Stars won the Hoops On The Hill High School Elite Division.

East Bay Tigers


East Bay Tigers defeated Top Flight in the High School 1 Open Division and are this years Champs.

JBS 2021 defeated the San Jose Cagers in the High School 2 Open Division and are this years Champs.

JBS 2021







Honorable Mentions and MVP’s

Aquira DeCosta, 6-2, forward, 2018, Cal Stars EYBL- Elite Division MVP

McKenzie Forbes, 6-1, guard, 2018, Cal Stars EYBL- Elite Division Co-MVP

Ariel Johnson, 5-8, point guard, 2018, Cal Stars EYBL

Haley Van Dyke, 6-0, forward, 2018, Cal Stars EYBL

Hannah Jump, 5-11, guard, 2019, Cal Stars EYBL

Neenah Young, 5-11, guard, 2018, Cal Stars EYBL

Jada Moss, 5-10, guard, 2019, Peninsula Elite

Kaylin Randhawa, 6-1, forward, 2018, Peninsula Elite

Stella Kailahi, 5-11, forward, 2018, Peninsula Elite

Mele Kailahi, 5-9, guard, 2019, Peninsula Elite

lla Lane, 6-4, post 2019, Peninsula Elite

Leah Walton, 5-4, point guard, 2018, East Bay Tigers- HS1 Open MVP

JBS 2021

Destiny Jackson, 5-6, point guard, 2019, East Bay Tigers

Jzaniya Harriel, 5-10, guard, 2021, JBS- HS2 Open MVP

Simone Johnson, 5-6, point guard, 2021, JBS- HS2 Open Co-MVP

Amira Brown, 5-7, guard, 2021, JBS

Alyssa Sandle, 5-3, point guard, 2021, JBS


Karisma Ortiz, 5-10, guard, 2018, San Jose Cagers


Krissy Miyahara, 5-4, point guard, 2018, San Jose Cagers

Kennedy Johnson 2021 East Bay Swag

Nya Epps 2022 East Bay Swagg

Zaria Glover 2021 East Bay Swagg

Aliyah Arcillas 2018 Bay City

Brittney Cedeno 2018 Bay City

Bria Shine, 6-0, forward, 2020, Top Flight

Jada Lewis, 5-10, guard, Top Flight

Ali Bamberger, 6-3, post, 2019, Cal Stars

Jordan Sweeney, 5-8, guard, 2019, Cal Stars

Nyah Willis, 5-10, guard, 2019, Cal Stars

Jazmine Barnes 2021 Ca Ballaz

Jayden Benitez 2018, point guard, MRC Rebels

Celeste Almendarez, 5-7, point guard, 2018 Team Superstar

Sydney Buckley, 5-6, point guard, 2018, Team Superstar

Vivian Woo, 5-7, guard, 2018, Team Superstar

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