ATL Summer Slam – 2017 (part 3)

St. Louis Eagles 2022 - champions of Atlanta Summer Slam National 13U Division. PC: Bob Corwin

St. Louis Eagles 2022 and Power Move 2022 win younger Atlanta Summer Slam divisions

By Bob Corwin

In part 3, the 13U and 12U Divisions of Summer Slam will be discussed briefly along with mention of several class of 2021 and 2022 players.  “Grades” represent the grades of the prior school year completed this spring.

Looking briefly at the two divisions as to finals results…

National 13U Final:

St. Louis Eagles 2022 53-45 I-90 Elite – 8th grade

The Eagles had defeated its own 8th grade (2021) team in the semi (58-51) while I-90 beat FGB Future 50-44 to set up this final.  These Eagles were largely a class younger than I-90 but were taller and clearly more talented.  To I-90’s credit, they stayed relatively close throughout the game trailing by 23-18 at half.  St. Louis stayed safely ahead in the second stanza but could not blow out the upstate New Yorkers.  St. Louis Eagles 2022 is probably one of the better teams of its age group playing up, placing in the final four in the 8th grade divisions at the Boo Williams in Virginia in April and Run for the Roses in Kentucky in July.  Word in the gym was that six of its players already have division one offers and after watching this talented team, that does not seem surprising!

National 12U Championship:

This was a round robin with Power Move 2022 (out of Maryland) going 5-0 to take the title.

Below are performers of note seen at the event.  There were many more but these stood out during one or more viewing occasions.

Players below are listed alphabetically by graduation year with listed height, position and club team with home town in parenthesis as available.  Players from graduation year 2018 are listed in part 1; 2019 and 2020 are listed in part 2 (regardless of division) while those from the 2021 and 2022 classes are listed in part 3, again regardless of division.   


Nykale Cramer, 5-11, guard, Oklahoma Lady Impact (Oklahoma City, Oklahoma)

An above average athlete, Cramer plays both inside (because of relative height) and outside (because of skill and inclination).  She is trending toward being a Power 5 recruit with continued maturation.

Laila Jewett, 5-7, point guard, PSPA Rams 17U (Woodbridge, Virginia)

Jewett has a long, athletic build but the mentality of a field general wanting to pass and pass and pass.  Playing on a much older teams, she got very limited time and rarely attempted to score (drive seemed best).  Division 1 schools from the Power 5 level down should be monitoring her maturation.

Khori  Louis, 6-2, center, CFE North 2020 (Tallahassee, Florida)

Louis is still raw but has a very agile body for her height.  Playing near the basket, she needs to finish better but a D1 future is likely with normal maturation.

Saniaa Wilson, 5-11, power forward, Cityrocks 10th grade (Rochester, New York)

Wilson is strongly built with good hands and finish in the lower key.  She was a factor playing on an older team.  A bit undersized, she needs to try and add more range.

Ivy Wolf, 5-7, guard, Dayton Lady Hoopstars 2021 Black (Minster, Ohio)

Wolf (and her teammates for that matter) is still developing physically and as expected looks young on the court.  Her basketball IQ is above average moving without the ball.  With her team playing up a year, she showed that she can finish on the move with her off (left) hand and spot for threes.  Word in the gym was that her brother plays D1 football.  D1 schools should be monitoring her maturation.   

Camille Wright, 5-7, guard, I-90 Elite – 8th grade (Rochester, New York)

Wright continually showed good energy in our one viewing.  Light on her feet, she looked to attack the basket to score probably needing to build shooting range.


Kailyn Gilbert, 5-7, point guard, FGB Future 13U (Lutz, Florida)

Athletic, Gilbert has good handles for such a young player and above average basketball IQ. As might be expected, range needs to be built.  A definite D1 upside regardless!

Sydney Harris, 5-10, small forward, St. Louis Eagles 2022 (Edwardsville, Illinois)

Well developed physically for such a young player, Harris showed a nice mid-range stroke and ability to score some in the paint.  Her foul shot appeared to need work but there is already enough her that Power 5 schools should be monitoring her progress.

Saniah Tyler, 5-6, point guard, St. Louis Eagles 2022 (Florissant, Missouri)

The word in the gym was that Tyler only recently started to play the point.  Like a duck to water, she has taken to the position. She handles well, distributes and commands the position.  She hit one three in the one game viewed but it appears range still needs to be built.  Power 5 schools should be monitoring her maturation.

Ashlyn Watkins, 6-2, center, SC 76ers Sizzle 14u (Columbia, South Carolina)

A well known name in Deep South (and now national) recruiting circles, Watkins is coming along slowly but surely having first been noticed by this writer as a sixth grader. With such an advanced strong build, more is, perhaps unfairly, expected out of her.  Defensively she rebounds and protects the rim well.  Offense is not yet as far along as finishing in the paint is still a work in progress for this likely Power 5 recruit.

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