2017 Grand Finale Recap

Another eventful year and players definitely competed at the Grand Finale games. Glad everyone was able to come out and support the future and present of NorCal basketball.

In Game 1 Team Hustle Coached by Tierra Rogers of Cal beat Team Buckets Coached by Gabby Green of LMU 44-35.

Buckets Stats: Alyssa Jackson 8pts, Talana Lepolo 14pts, Zaria Glover 4pts, Nya Epps 9pts, Lamya Harrell 3pts, Malaysia Weaks 4pts, Tamari’a Rumph 3pts.

Hustle Stats: Ashley Aurelio 4pts, Jiana Creswell 2pts, Jenika Zurita 2pts, Amaya Bonner 10pts, Nia Anderson 8pts, Saray White 6pts, Zoe Tillery 8pts, Geriah Bradley 4pts.

Game 2 TBA stats

In Game 3 Team Hustle Coached by Gabby Green of LMU beat Team Buckets Coached by Darius Liggett of Davis 55-53.

Buckets Stats: Beverly Bradley 5pts, Charlotte Levison 4pts, Savanna Arce 8pts, Bria Shine 6pts, Samaya Beatty 8pts, Cristina Oliva 12pts, Tyliyah Grady 10pts, Rayonni Mack 10pts.

Hustle Stats: Kaelyn Blackwell 4pts, Thea Fisher 2pts, Clarissa Li 3pts, Abigail Muse 12pts, Kayla Rosemon 10pts, Gabby Giuffre 11pts, Savannah Tucker 2pts, Jada Heights 8pts.

In Game 4 Team Buckets Coached by Darius Liggett of Davis beat Team Hustle Coached by Gabby Green 72-62.

Buckets Stats: Myli Martinez 10pts, Jenessa Herrera 5pts, Deirdre Huff 4pts, Bailey Jones 4pts, Kamryn Hall 9pts, Sydni Stewart 9pts, Taimane Lesa-Hardee 5pts, Madyson Tull 11pts, Greer Hoyem 15pts.

Hustle Stats: Aliyah Arcillas 15pts, Jada Lewis 4pts, Tatyana Modawar 9pts, Nanai Maui 3pts, Shasta Parker 6pts, Mikaela Bismillah 4pts, Destiny Jackson 12pts, Jayden Benitez 5pts.





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