i-45 Shootout Recap 2017

Despite the major flooding Hurricane Harvey caused Houston, we were still able, as a basketball community, to come together, and have another successful i-45 Shootout. Basketball is our distraction, no matter the struggle and no matter the weather. Very thankful and appreciative to everyone that came out to support and help raise donations to those that needed it the most. Thanks to the media/scouting services PBR, Girlz Prep Report, Skilled Up Elite, and Young Ballerz TV.

MVP’s 2023 Janae Tucker and 2022 Ashlon Jackson

Another impressive game by a talented group of young players in game 1. Still plenty of future guards along with size coming out of Texas. Soon to be on many college programs radar!

Team Hustle Stats: Ja’Shelle Johnson 4pts, Nya Threatt 8pts, Ashlon Jackson 10pts, Jerzie Bryant 4pts, Nyah Wilson 3pts, Dalanna Carter 7pts, Aarianna Masters 3pts, and Amani Bartlett 9pts.

Team Savage Stats: R’Mani Taylor 10pts, A’Leah Franklin 7pts, Sammie Wagner 5pts, Janae Tucker 12pts, Bre Davis 5pts, Jazzy Barnett 5pts, Madison Cockrell 6pts, and Gabby Nunez 3pts.

In game 2 players definitely put on a good show. From the crossovers, to knocking down shots from long distance, and dropping dime after dime.

Team Hustle Stats: Kaylynne Truong 12pts, Kayleigh Truong 13pts, Liz Scott 13pts, McKenzie Green 18pts, Taylor Thomas 13pts, Amanda Ferry 8pts, and Miya Crump 6pts.

MVP’s 2020 Harmoni Turner and 2019 McKenzie Green

Team Savage Stats: Jasmine Smith 11pts, Cyd Rivera 7pts, Corina Carter 16pts, DeYona Gaston 7pts, Harmoni Turner 17pts, Dyani Robinson 12pts, and Briley Perkins 4pts.

Impressed with the shooting and footwork from the post along with the guard play from the up and coming guards.

Team Hustle vs Team Savage Game 3.








Team Hustle Stats: Salem Diaz 7pts, Raven Adams 2pts, Zaria Johnson 4pts, Arianna Sturdivant 4pts, M’Kayla Malone 8pts, Mikayla Green 12pts.

Team Savage Stats: Jasmine Shavers 14pts, Jermia Green 4pts, Kayla Cobbs 10pts, Briana Cloud 3pts, Chanielyn Galloway 12pts, Elyssa Coleman 8pts, Laila Blair 13pts.

MVP’s 2021 Jasmine Shavers and 2021 Mikayla Green


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