LBI Elite 48 Recap

LBI Insider put on the Elite 48 in Charlotte, NC. A lot of talented players that we haven’t seen before came out and represented. Definitely some impressive size that happen to be young and on the come up we have to be on the watch for.

Standouts below include:

Layla Wall-Gibson, 5-2, point guard, 2022

Mia Xerras, 5-3, point guard, 2023

Ashlyn Watkins, 6-2, post, 2022

Zakiyah Moss, 5-5 point guard, 2022

Anala Nelson, 5-6, point guard, 2022

Evan Miller, 5-10, guard, 2020

Loyal McQueen, 5-7, point guard, 2020

Nyah Leveretter, 6-3, forward, 2020

Nia Daniel, 5-9, forward, 2019

Jordan McLaughlin, 5-6, point guard, 2019

Jadah Shears, 5-9, guard, 2020

Destini Abramson- Lee, 5-7, point guard, 2020

Kemia Ward, 6-2, forward, 2019

Erica Caldwell, 5-8, point guard, 2021

Dazia Lawrence, 5-8, guard, 2019

Jamia Blake, 5-8, guard, 2020

Alexis Bynum, 5-2, point guard, 2021

Azriela Folkes, 6-0, forward, 2019

Anayah Rice, 5-9, point guard, 2019

Mallorie Haines, 5-9, guard, 2021

Unsigned Seniors

Naomi Gilbert, 5-6, point guard, 2018

Quin Byrd, 5-5, guard, 2018

Madison Golden, 5-9, forward, 2018

Janell Horton, 5-11, forward, 2018



About passthaball (1175 Articles)
We cover Girls Basketball and travel to so many places throughout the year looking for special talent, top teams, rival games, and playoffs! We decided to allow people to watch and getter a better understanding besides reading about it or seeing a photo of a player/team. Feel free to chime in and let us know what other talent is out there!

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