Baylor Basketball Juco Jamboree

Pass Tha Ball returned to Chicago for the Baylor Youth Basketball Juco Jamboree to see one of the best preseason match ups of the Fall. Being that there’s a shortage of Juco Events on the women’s side, it was a refreshing to attend the second annual event held by Toi Baylor. The Illinois event brought out two notable teams, Trinity Valley & Chipola. As they went head to head competing for an undefeated tournament record, it was no question who the college coaches were there to see. Judging from the book Chipola has no weak links. Everyone plays an equal amount of minutes, but the players that stood out were freshmen Courtaija Sanders and Namiko Adams. Notable players for Trinity Valley, Michal Miller and Jada Wright were able to take their team to overtime against Chipola, but came up short when it came down to free throws.

Morraine Valley’s Diamond Dortch was a standout guard that picked the defense apart. Kankakee Cavaliers squad was pretty solid and gave Chipola a run for their money. Freshmen guard Mariah ANDERSON was a shooter that couldn’t miss and read the floor well.
The Juco Jamboree gave players a chance to experience competition on different levels and an opportunity to gel with their teammates for the first time of the season. Also being able to showcase their skills to college coaches, it was a preview of what the 2017-18 season will bring.

Notable Players:
FR Talia Edwards
FR Claudia Freed
FR Jacara Thompson
FR Valerie Nesbitt
SO Naomi House
SO Lawrencia Moten
SO Kiana Coomber
SO Tyra Johnson
SO Nana Sule
SO Deesha Breford
SO LaMichael Dean
SO Joy Porter
SO Jasmine Williams
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