Super 60 Charlotte High School Recap

The talent level continued into the high school session and it was very impressive to see that their skill level was above average than expected. Special thank again to the players and parents and everyone involved: Omar Stewart (Elite I.Q. Hoops), Ashley Rivens, Chris Meadows (Momentum Skills), Amber White (Train Diverse), and Swain Basketball. Including the media and evaluators LBI, Carolina Girls Hoops, NSR, Nick’s Picks, and Hooplinx. Photos by Hooplinx.

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J’Mani Ingram, 5-7, guard, 2020 (GA Sting)– Very strong and physical player with the ball. Attacks the basket, can finish at the rim, good defensive player, a high motor player that bring energy, plays hard. Very impressed with this player.

Melanie Calabrese, 5-5, guard, 2020– Solid defensive player, can handle the ball, and showed off a nice mid-range shot. Can also see the floor, made some good passes to the open teammate.

Ta’Nyha Peoples, 5-5, point guard, 2020– Runs the floor well, moves without the ball, attacks the basket, and finishes strong.

Braylyn Milton, 5-9, guard, 2021 (Team United)– Good size and length, has versatility in her game. Active on defense, able to use size to block shots. Made some nice passes to the open teammate, finishes around the basket, and can out it on the floor. Has a lot of potential needs to continue to get stronger and consistently knock down the mid-range and outside shot. A definitely player to watch out for.

Taylor Henderson, 5-9, guard, 2021 (SC76ers)– Very athletic, strong, and physical player. She played both ends of the floor equally well, hustles, and doesn’t take plays off. Active and continued to make plays. Can assist, get to the basket, get steals, and handled the ball very well. Need to continue to work on mid-range and outside shot. Has a lot of game, need to be on the lookout for this player in the summer!

Jacee Busick, 6-1, forward, 2020 (NC Xpress)– Very versatile player that did everything. She blocked shots, grabbed rebounds, pushed the ball up the floor, shot the mid-range, shot from outside, finished at the rim. Overly impressed with her performance, she should have multiple D1 offers, a player to put on your radar!

Skye Harris, 5-8, guard, 2021 (FBC)– She gets the job done, active in making plays, runs the floor, moves well without the ball, unselfish and made the extra passes to the open teammate. Had a nice mid-range shot, shifty with the ball, and attacks the basket. Had a solid performance. A definite player with potential to look out for.

Lydia Mercer, 5-8, guard, 2020 (South Iredell)– Has a nice mid-range shot, can handle the ball, active on defense, see’s the floor, and made good passes. Needs to get stronger and be more aggressive on the offensive end.

Kyanna Morgan, 5-11, guard, 2020 (Flames)– Strong physical player with good size. Takes it to the basket strong, has active hands on defense, able to get deflections and steals, like that she plays both ends of the floor equally well, moves without the ball, and shares the ball. Able to make some good passes on the fast break. A definite player to put on your radar and watch this summer!

Trinity Palmer, 5-5, point guard, 2021 (NC Spartans)– Attacks the basket, finishes strong at the rim. She’s quick off the dribble, has good energy with a good motor, plays hard and hustles.

Reychel Douglas, 5-10, guard, 2023 (Carolina Dream)– Good size and length, very coordinated, can put the ball on the floor and get it up the court, made good passes on the fast break, didn’t shy away from contact, she gets physical as well. Very impressed with her level of play with the older competition as she held her own. Has major potential, a definite player watch!

Indya Nivar, 5-8, guard, 2022 (Carolina Dream)– Very seasoned player that you would think was older. She is smart, high IQ, knows what to do with the ball, she’s efficient and does many things well. See’s the floor, can handle the ball, shoot the mid-range, shoot from outside, play defense, she is calm and under control when she plays. Above average player that will be on everyone’s radar soon.

Kylie Panizza, 5-5, guard, 2021 (Dream Elite)– Strong defender, can finish at the basket, moves without the ball. Plays hard, hustles on both ends, has high energy, stays active and engaged in the play.

Kennedy Calhoun, 5-5, point guard, 2021, (1Dream)– She was intense on both ends of the ball. Picked up full court defense and brought the pressure. She gets after it, active hands always looking  for steals. She was shifty with the handles, making moves, getting to the basket, and finishing at the rim. Made good passes as well, solid all around point guard, would like to see her mid-range game and outside shooting. A definite high level player to put on your radar.

Jadah Shears, 5-8, guard, 2020, (Hoop Dreams)- Athletic and quick with the first step, she can get in there and rebound regardless of size. Plays hard, active, brings energy, and hustles. Would like to see more of her shooting game. Definitely has a lot of potential.

Jamia Blake, 5-7, guard, 2020 (1Dream)– Very reserved player but will attack, handles the ball well, has shifty moves to create space. Has a nice mid-range shot, skilled player, knows how to score for sure. Gets the ball up the floor, made good passes on the fast break, and gets it to the open teammate. A player to watch this summer!

Ariyah Wheless, 5-7, guard, 2019 (NC Team Xpress)– Plays extremely good defense, physical and active player, quick with athleticism, see’s the whole floor, distributes/makes good passes. Can get to the basket, handles the ball well, would like to see more mid-range shooting when the opportunity was there. Had a good showing and played well.

Nevaeh Brown, 5-9, guard 2020 (NC Xpress)– High motor, good energy, active player that picks up full court defense. Plays hard and hustles on every play. Grabbed several steals, makes things happen, attacks the basket, can score, physical. A definite player to watch this summer.

Little Destinee, 5-11, guard, 2019 (Future)– Good size and length, was able to get steals by going up and deflecting passes. Her length gives her the advantage in blocking shots, grabbing rebounds. Even attacked the basket and finished at the rim. Needs to get stronger and add a mid-range/outside shot. Played well, has potential.

Reiven Douglas, 5-8, point guard, 2021 (Flames)– She is a hustle player that does the dirty work, gets back on defense, gets on the floor for loose balls, gets in there and rebounds, very strong defender, plays both ends equally well. Can definitely attack the basket and finish at the rim. Good skill set, should definitely watch for her this summer.

Claira McGowan, 5-6, point guard, 2021 (B-Wright)– Physical, does not shy a way from contact, attacks the basket, makes things happen. Handles the ball very well, see’s the floor, knows where the open teammate is. Finished at the basket, can even step out to shoot the mid-range and outside shot. Did well on defense, play both ends equally well, very impressed with her performance. A definite player to put on your radar.

Ayanna Williams, 5-8, forward, 2022 (Carolina Dream)– Very good size, strong physical build, does not shy away from contact, has good hands, active on the boards, can even step out and shoot the mid-range, has versatility. Impressed with her performance, has a lot of potential.






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