Super 60 Jersey: Middle School Recap 2018

In Fairfield, NJ for stop #2 of the Super 60 Showcase. The talent was still impressive on the middle school side. Amazing to see how skilled these young ladies were at such a young age.

Soraya Ortiz, 2022, guard, 5-8 – An active player, doesn’t quit on the play, gets her hands on loose balls, she can shoot it, get to the basket and finish. Definite hustle player, that’s not afraid of contact. Played aggressive and stayed involved on the play.

Christina Midgette, 2022, guard, 5-10 – Versatile guard with great size and court vision. A definite mismatch problem as she can take it inside or step out to shoot the 3. She shared the ball, got it to the open teammate, battled down low for rebounds, she was physical and stayed in attack mode. A definite problem and a player to be on the look out for.

Kayla Beckford, 2022, forward, 5-9 – Good size, strong aggressive player that attacks. Just did a variety of things that stood out, rebounded the ball, didn’t quit on the play, has a nice jumper, good court awareness, gets the ball to the open teammate, can put the ball on the floor. Very efficient player that stands out on both ends.

Myah Simmons, 2022, point guard, 5-5 – Strong physical guard, attacks the basket when its open, has a nice assist game, and shared the ball. Would like to see some mid-rage/outside shooting. She’s aggressive and plays hard.

Kennedy James, 2024, guard, 5-4 – She can definitely knock it down from 3pt land, made back to back shots. Made some good decisions with the ball, can bring it up the floor, made good passes, was definitely consistent on staying active on both ends.

Hayley Lacido, 2023, guard, 5-5 – Played hard, needs to continue to work on being aggressive and keep her confidence high. Has potential just needs to tighten up some things.

Kisa Lilly, 2024, guard, 5-4 – Played hard, hustle player that does the little things. Gets back on defense, gets on the floor for loose balls, tries to get steals, not afraid to get in there for rebounds.

Carolae Barton 2024- Strong and physical player, does not shy away from contact, used her size to her advantage and went up strong, and was also active on the boards. Has a lot of potential, needs to continue to work on post moves and footwork.

Sahnya Jah, 2024, forward, 6-0 – Versatile player, coordinated, runs the floor, has good hands, can’t believe she has this mobility as a 6th grader. Long with great length, she can shoot, handle the ball, attack the basket, block shots. Tremendous potential and a player to keep an eye out for.

Kerri Greene, 2024, 5-8, post – A banger and physical player down low, gets her hands on block shots, active on the boards, goes up strong, very aggressive player with good size and hands. Has a lot of potential, if that will be her permanent position at the post and gets taller. She’s dominate down low.

Eyan Bailey, 2025, 5-2, guard – Young player that played hard, she held her own, didn’t back down from a challenge. Has potential and will grow, needs to get stronger and work on all around game.

River Adams, 2024, 5-0, guard – Hustle player that’s active on the defensive end. Gets on the ground for loose balls, high motor and picks up on defense. Has potential, would like to see more of what she can do  on the offensive end.

Madisen McDaniel, 2024, 5-2, guard – Very talented point guard that can handle the ball like no other. She knows how to create for herself and others, active on both ends, good timing on defense, active hands to get steals, has a nice assist game, and finish at the basket. She does a variety of things well, rare to find a player this young that has such a high IQ.

Kyndal Walker, 2024, 5-4, guard – A very crafty guard that can handle the ball. She has a nice assist game, see’s the floor, high IQ, made some tough shots when she attacked the basket. Skilled player that can score, would like to see what her shooting game looks like. A definite ball player to be on the lookout for.

Jade Tillman, 2023, 5-7, guard – A good size player that can bang and get after it around the basket. Goes up strong, physical, plays hard, and hustles. High energy player that takes care of business.

Nadia Simpson, 2024, guard – Played hard, hustled on both ends, didn’t quit on the play, held her own, didn’t back down from a challenge. Has potential and will continue to get better if she puts the work in.

Amiya Carroll, 2022, 5-9, forward – Physical and aggressive player that stays on the boards. Has versatility in her game, can put it on the floor, handles the ball, good size and length, able to block shots. Plays both ends equally well, a definite player watch with a lot of potential.

Zoe Brooks, 2023, 5-7, point guard – Has good size and length, versatile player with flashy game. Can shoot the ball, has handles, see’s the floor, makes very good passes, and can get to the basket and finish with contact. A definite player to look out for.

Hailey Thompson, 2022, 5-5, point guard – Engaged on the defensive end, picked up full court, active hands, good hustle player that does the dirty work, and not afraid of contact. Was able to contain her opponent, would like to see more of what she can do on the offensive end.

Lauryn Swann, 2024, 5-3, point guard – Very talented player that can shoot it from deep, has a flashy game with nice moves to match, and can handle the ball. She knows what to do with the ball and that is score, but also see’s the floor and gets it to the open teammate. She plays equally well on the defensive end as well. A definite player watch.

Kayla Hopson, 2023, 5-4, guard – Athletic player that could get to the basket and finish at the rim. Was able to get some steals on the defensive end, stays engaged and does not quit on the play. She attacked the basket when it was open, definitely impressed with her performance.

Symiaha Brown-Cobb, 2023, 5-3, guard – An aggressive physical guard. doesn’t shy away from contact. Displayed a nice mid-range shot, and knew when to attack the basket.

Kelyse Bullock, 2023, 5-8 – A strong presence with good size, uses her strength to back players down in the post, goes up strong, attacks the basket. Physical and will out muscle you for a rebounds. Runs the floor well and has good hands.

Madison Lopez, 2022, 5-6, point guard – Can handle the ball very well, has some nice moves to the basket, uses the head fakes to her advantage, skilled player, knows what to do with the ball. A definite player to watch.

Jennah Johnson, 2024, 5-6, guard -Raw talent but has game. Didn’t take her long to pick up on drills, pays attention to detail. She can score by getting to the basket or pulling up for the jumper. Has a quick recovery time on defense as she was able to get deflections on the ball and grab steals. Has a lot of potential.

Ta’fire Vines, 2025, 4-4, point guard – Young and talented player, handles the ball well made some nice passes, was able to get to the basket and finish on occasion. Has a lot of potential and will continue to grow, played hard and competed. Was not afraid of the competition.

Breauna Ware, 2022, 5-6, point guard – Athletic player, active on both ends of the floor, makes big time plays, she can finish at the rim with contact, see’s the floor, does many things well. She will be added to our watch list.



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