Super 60 Jersey: High School Recap 2018

Another young and up and coming group with size came through our New Jersey stop. The DMV as a whole is loaded with athletes and players that can ball.

Carlee Foster, 2021, 5-4, guard, C.H. Flowers– Definitely showed that she could shoot it from deep consistently, was able to shoot the mid-range as well and finish at the basket. Has good court vision, made good passes to the open teammate. Has a lot of potential and will continue to monitor progress.

Maya Dorer, 2021, 5-8, guard, New Heights– Plays hard and hustles on both ends of the floor, needs to be more aggressive on the offensive end. Needs to continue to work on shooting and tightening up the ball handling. Played well and has potential, just needs to continue to work.

Jayla James, 2019, 6-1, forward, Team Takeover (MVP)– Good size with athleticism, very versatile. Can bring the ball up the court, take it coast to coast, even step out to shoot the mid-range and outside shot. Active on the boards and defends. A definite nice pick up for Penn State.

Keante’ Lewis, 2021, 5-9, guard, Pikesville– Got the job done on both ends of the floor, active and stayed involved in the play. Pushed the tempo, got the ball up court, played the passing lanes, grabbed put backs, and was able to attack the basket and finish at the rim. Also made good passes to the open teammate. Has a lot of potential will continue to monitor progress.

Zaakyaa Young, 2021, 5-8, guard, St. Joseph– Quick and athletic player that plays hard. Has a very nice consistent shot. Showed off a nice mid-range and outside shot, she hustled and played hard.

Trinity Uptoa– Left hand dominate player that made some difficult shots attacking the basket. Active and plays hard, involved in both ends of the floor. If the shot or lane is open she will take the opportunity. Played well and liked how aggressive she was on offense.

Victoria Onajobi, 2021, 5-5, guard, MD Shock– A hustle player, that has active hands, good at blocking shots, getting steals, high energy with a good motor on both ends of the floor. Knows when to score, will attack the open lane or knock the shot down when its open. Has potential and will continue to watch this player.

Taylor Gibson, 2021, 6-2, post, Team Takeover (MVP)– Has versatility, can put the ball on the floor and get to the basket, physical player, knows what to do with the ball, can shoot the mid-range shot. Has good hands, very coordinated, runs the floor and has so much potential being so young. A definite D1 prospect to follow this summer.

Janelle Johnson, 2020, 5-9, guard, CT Impact– Athletic player, that can finish at the rim with contact, shoots from outside well, skilled player that plays both ends of the floor. Had a really good showing, has potential, and will continue to monitor progress.

Nisani Santiago, 2019, 5-5, point guard, Exodus NYC (MVP)- Crafty and quick point guard, has moves to get to the basket, displayed a nice pull up and outside shot. Nice court vision, gets the ball to the open teammate. High motor that stays active on both ends, very good player and D1 prospect for sure.

Aalia Carlson, 2020, 5-7, point guard, Montclair– Crafty player that can handle the ball, showed good court vision, has a nice mid-range and outside shot. Hustles on both ends, makes things happen, knows what to do with the ball, makes good decisions. A D1 prospect to check out this summer.

Olivia Miles, 2021, 5-9, point guard, NJ Demons (MVP)– Has a very mature and smooth game. Good size, shares the ball and delivers it on the dime. Does many things well, shoots it, plays the passing lanes, attacks the basket, and scores. A high major recruit that every college program will want.

Caitlyn Scott, 2020, 5-5, point guard, Gauchos– Very good passer, makes good decisions with the ball, an assist first point guard and distributes it well to the open teammate. Can score by shooting from outside or getting to the basket. She’s a player to check out in the summer.

Anissa Arteaga, 2020, 5-0, point guard, Jersey Celtics– Showed a nice mid-range shot, attacked the basket when it was open, needs to continue to work on finishing at the rim with contact, made good passes, stayed involved in the play and active on defense, and played hard. Will continue to monitor progress.

Kathryn White, 2020, 6-0, forward, Team Takeover– Very good timing on the ball, blocks shot, has good size and length, active on both ends of the floor. Hustles, plays hard, runs the floor, and shoots the ball well. A definite D1 prospect to watch this summer.

Alexis Martinez, 2021, 5-10, point guard, BBA– Has versatility to her game as well, played the passing lanes, got steals, knocked down the mid-range shot, she was aggressive on offense and took the opportunity if it was open to score the ball. She finished at the rim and around the basket nicely. Played very well and has a lot of potential. Be sure to watch her this summer.

Christina Dalce, 2021, 6-1, forward, NJ Sparks– Very good size and length, showed a lot of versatility. Needs to continue to get stronger but for now she can run the floor, block shots, shoot the mid-range, and grab rebounds. Has a lot of potential, a D1 prospect to be on the lookout for.

MacKenzie O’Brien, 2020, 5-11, forward, NJ Demons– Hustle player, does the dirty work, grabs rebound, runs the floor, active hands, aggressive and physical, uses her body well down low, scores it around the basket. Has good size and uses it to her advantage. Has D1 potential and will continue to monitor her progress.

Destiny Ryles, 2020, 5-5, point guard, Team Takeover– Athletic and quick point guard that will blow by you. Has handles and makes good moves to the basket and will finish tough shots. Was passive in the beginning but got going and showed what she can do. A D1 prospect to watch this summer.

Taylor Williams, 2019, 5-8, point guard, Rahway HS– Played very well, active on defense, played the passing lanes, shot the ball well, will go up and block the shot, good reaction time. Athletic player that runs the floor and plays hard. Will need to see her performance this summer.

Sophia Diehl, 2021, 6-0, forward, Westminster HS (MVP)– Has a smooth game, good size, can step out and shoot the ball, runs the floor, active on both ends, and grabs rebounds. A definite player to lookout for with a lot of potential. A D1 prospect.

Iyanna Warren, 2019, 5-3, point guard, Team Takeover (MVP)– Handles the ball well, an assist first point guard with very good court vision, always looking ahead, and feeds the post. Will attack the basket when its open. Definitely look for her this summer on the circuit.

Amari Jones, 2021, 5-7, point guard, MD Shock– Handles the ball well, made good passes, needs to be more aggressive on the offensive end when the opportunity is there. Has potential being so young and will continue to monitor her progress come summer.

Alyssa Andrews, 2021, 6-0, forward, Team Takeover– Has good size, strong and physical player. Has good footwork down low, nice mid-range shot. Gets back on defense and is active on the boards. A definite D1 prospect to watch this summer.

Jakia Brown Turner, 2019, 6-0, guard, Team Takeover (MVP)– Another aggressive, physical, and versatile player with good hands. She can put it on the floor, attacks the basket, good footwork down low, can also step out to shoot the outside shot. Already has D1 offers and has big time game.


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