Compiling a list (alphabetical order) of 99 players worth seeing. Will be monitoring their progress to see if they continue to improve and live up to the 99PRBLMZ standard. More names will be added.

Definition of a PRBLM Child: A player that is difficult to guard, dominates players in their age group or older. Their always a problem on the court. Has leadership qualities, good body language, good teammate, decision making, high I.Q., handles the ball, can shoot it, has footwork, can post up, plays with effort, hustles, and plays defense. 

Aaliyah McMillan 5-7 PG TX
Aissetou Coulibaly 5-11 G AR
Alexis Babineaux 6-2 P TX
Ally VanTimmeren 6-2 F MI
Amani Bartlett 6-1 P TX
Amelia Osgood 5-7 PG TN
Aniyah Augmon 5-6 G CA
Asia Broughton 6-0 F/P TX
Azzi Fudd 5-8 G VA
Bria McClure 5-1 PG TX
Briana Turnage 5-10 F GA
Brooke Demetre 6-0 F CA
Cailee Crawford 5-10 F OK
Carleigh Wilson 5-10 G TN
Chaniya Clark 6-2 P FL
Chantae Embry 6-0 F OK
Charity Gallegos 5-1 PG CA
De’Mauri Flournoy 5-2 PG GA
Diona Reed 6-3 P TN
Eden Sample 5-7 G GA
Greta Kampschroeder 6-0 G IL
Isabella Westbrook 5-10 G NV
Jada Malone 6-2 F TX
Jada Walker 5-5 PG VA
Jasmine Shavers 5-7 PG TX
Jasmine Stevens 5-11 F GA
Jessica Timmons 5-8 G NC
Julianna Walker 5-4 PG WA
Jzaniya Harriel 5-8 PG CA
Katie Springs 5-11 F CA
Kendall McGruder 5-7 G TX
Kendall Moriarty 5-10 F IL
Kendra Gillispie 6-0 F OK
Khylee Pepe 5-10 F CA
Maci James 5-9 F CA
Marley Langi 6-0 F CA
Mia Moore 5-5 PG GA
Milan Tuttle 5-6 PG CA
Mya Blake 5-0 PG CA
Neveah Caldwell 5-6 PG NC
O’Mariah Gordon 5-4 PG FL
Olympia Chaney 5-8 G GA
Paige Lyons 5-5 PG GA
Patsy Mosley 5-6 G GA
Raven Adams 5-5 PG TX
Raven Johnson 5-6 PG GA
Reigan Richardson 5-10 G NC
Rori Harmon 5-5 PG TX
Se’Quoia Allmond 5-5 PG TN
Shereese Pittman 6-0 F VA
Simone Johnson 5-5 PG CA
Talia Oelhoffen 5-11 G WA
Taylor Woodhouse 5-5 PG MS
Unique Miller 6-2 P GA
Zaria Rufus 5-8 G TX
Zyniah Thomas 5-4 PG TX
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