All U Got Showcase

Our Give It All U Got Showcase will be Invite Only featuring 80 of the top 2019’s-2017’s players all under one roof.  The event will take place on Saturday, July 9th at Desoto Rec Center  211 E Pleasant Run Rd Desoto, Tx. Since its during the Evaluation Period we will be inviting College Coach’s in the D1, D2, D3, NAIA, and JUCO programs. This will be a great opportunity for the college coach’s to see you compete early in a small competitive setting. Click Here to Register  Registration ends July 1st.

High School Players: It’s not required that you register with the NCAA ELIGIBILITY CENTER. But we highly recommend that you do so prior to this event to furnish D1 and D2 coaches your Ten Digit NCAA Code, so they will be able to track your academic progress through high school. Click here

NCAA Certified Event

College Coach’s All games will begin at their scheduled times, the collegiate packets will contain accurate up-to-date roster and player information. Coaches will be able to pre-register for the event starting now. Click Here to Register

All players please try to bring your own basketball, we will have some available.

Session 1

9:30am Check-in & NCAA Video
10am Drills and Skills
10:25am Break into teams
10:30am-11:45am  3 Games to play in front of College Coach’s

Session 2

11:30am Check-in/ NCAA video
12pm Drills and Skills
12:25pm Break into teams
12:30pm-1:45pm 3 Games to play in front of College Coach’s

Confirmed Players

Jahquell Robinson * 5’4 PG 2017 Louisiana Lightning
Tajae Stevenson* 6’1 W 2017 PlayHerz Basketball
Samirah Henderson* 5’8 G 2017 PlayHerz Basketball
Cori Dickson* 5’3 PG 2017 I90 Elite
Anndea Zeigler* 5’9 G 2017 I90 Elite
Jelisa Smith 5’10 F 2018 Lady Ballers
Madison Callahan 5’7 G 2020 OKC Elite Ballers
Brittany Mathes 5’6 G 2016 W.T. White
Jalecia Benz 5’9 G 2018 Lady’s 1st
Amani Free* 6’0 F 2018 I90 Elite
Carly Reynolds* 6’1 F 2018 I90 Elite
Danielle Rauch* 5’8 G 2018 I90 Elite
Kiara Johnson* 6’2 C 2018 I90 Elite
Meg Hair* 5’11 G 2018 I90 Elite
Alexia Martin 5’6 PG 2018 Blue Star Dallas
Kayleigh Truong 5’8 PG 2019 Houston Skyrise
Kaylynne Truong 5’6 G 2019 Houston Skyrise
Nalyssa Smith* 6’3 F 2018 S.A’s Finest
Kymora Westerfield 5’4 PG 2018 Bluestar Dallas
KK Rodriguez* 5’8 G 2018 Tm St Louis-Red
Mallory Meeks* 5’8 G 2018 Tm St Louis-Red
Myriah Noodle-Haywood* 5’11 F 2018 Tm St Louis-Red
Andrea Cournoyer* 5’6 PG 2018 Louisiana FLames
Amber Bacon * 5’5 PG 2018 Texas Elite
Miya Crump * 6’1 F 2018 Houston Hoops
Amaya Santiago* 5’8 G 2018 PlayHerz Basketball
Sydney Watkins* 5’9 G 2018 PlayHerz Basketball
Sydney Hardeman* 5’11 G 2018 Texas Elite
Jamilyn Robinson* 5’11 G 2018 Lady Pumas
Anna Jackson * 6’0 F 2018 Texas Preps Elite-Deary
Ashley Bowen* 6’3 C 2019 New Mexico Lady Heat
Asonah Alexander* 5’9 G 2019 PlayHerz Basketball
Carsyn Boswell * 5’9 G 2019 New Mexico Lady Heat
 Ashley Daniel 6’2 F 2019 Houston Skyrise
Maya Johnson* 6’0 F 2019 Carolina All Stars
Liz Scott* 6’0 F 2019 SA Finest
Brit’Nee Terry* 6’0 F 2019 TM St Louis-White
Ja’Naiya Davis* 5’9 G 2019 TM St Louis-White
Aijha Blackwell* 6’0 G 2019 TM St Louis-Red
Mikayla Deshazer * 5’10 F 2019 Della Lamb
Domonique Davis* 5’7 PG 2019 Louisiana Flames
Jaeden Vaifanua* 6’1 F 2019 Louisiana Flames
Maria Fux* 6’1 F 2019 PlayHerz Basketball
Brennah Cody* 6’4 C 2019 PlayHerz Basketball
Aliyah Wright* 5’4 PG 2019 I90 Elite
Brittany Schnabel* 5’4 PG 2019 DFW Hawks
Laila Hampton* 5’10 G/F 2019 Louisiana Lady Pumas
Taylor Hutchins* 5’8 G 2019 URBAN Heroes
Taylor Jones* 6’3 PG 2019 URBAN Heroes
Jayda Noble* 5’8 G 2020 NW Blazers


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