D-Up Challenge Showcase- Livermore,Ca


Our D-Up Challenge Showcase will be Invite Only featuring 40 of the top players throughout Northern California all under one roof.  The event will take place on Friday, April 15th at NB Courts 6474 Patterson Pass Rd Livermore,Ca. Since its during the Evaluation Period we will be inviting College Coach’s in the D1, D2, D3, NAIA, and JUCO programs along with media group NorCalPreps. This will be a great opportunity for the college coach’s to see you compete early in a small competitive setting. The price is $50 before February 13th and $65 after February 14th. Registration ends February 25th.

High School Players: It’s not required that you register with the NCAA ELIGIBILITY CENTER. But we highly recommend that you do so prior to this event to furnish D1 and D2 coaches your Ten Digit NCAA Code, so they will be able to track your academic progress through high school. Click here

NCAA Certified Event

College Coach’s All games will begin at their scheduled times, the collegiate packets will contain accurate up-to-date roster and player information. Coaches will be able to pre-register for the event starting on March 1st, 2016.

All players must bring their own basketball

If you cancel more than 14 days before showcase: Entitled to full refund minus a $20 processing fee. If you cancel less than 14 days before the showcase: No refund

Middle School Session 1

4:30pm Check-in
5pm Drills and Skills
5:40pm Break into teams
5:45pm-6:45pm 3 Games to play in front of College Coach’s

High School Session 2

7pm Check-in & NCAA Video
7:30pm-815pm Drills and Skills
8:20pm Break into teams
8:25pm-9:30pm  3 Games to play in front of College Coach’s

Confirmed Programs:

Simpson University

San Jose State

Wheaton College

Saint Mary’s College

Boise State

University of The Pacific

UC Davis

University of San Francisco

Confirmed Players

High School

IImar’I Thomas ‘17 6’1 F Sacred Heart Cathedral
Ariel Johnson ‘18 5’8 G St. Mary’s
Alana Dunphy ‘18 6’2 F Eureka
Ramani Parker ‘19 6’2 P/F Edison
Kambrayia Elzy ‘18 5’7 PG Mission Oak
Aunjona James ‘19 5’10 PG San Joaquin
Sumni Da Silva ‘17 5’7 G Heritage
Madeline Holland ‘17 5’10 G/F Archbishop Mitty
Angel Jackson ‘19 6’5 P Salesian
Nadia Johnson ‘17 5’9 G Antelope
Vanessa Cruz ‘16 5’8 PG Carondelet
Lizzie Moore ‘18 6’3 P Valley Christian
Janelle Sumilong ‘17 5’8 PG Hanford
Namiko Adams ‘17 5’8 PG West Campus
Carolyn Gill ‘17 5’10 G St Mary’s
Neenah Young ‘18 5’10 G St. Mary’s
Kamryn Hall ‘18 5’11 F McClatchy
Raziya Potter ‘18 6’0 F St. Mary’s
Ciara O’Kelley ‘17 6’2 P Concord
Lesila Finau ‘18 5’10 G Dublin
Giana Wright ‘17 5’11 F Castro Valley
Lexia Bell-White ‘16 5’10 G Modesto Christian
Lailoni Gaines ‘16 6’0 F Modesto Christian
Nia Johnson ‘18 5’9 PG Antelope
Avyance Ervin ‘17 5’1 PG Rodriguez
Julia Blackshell-Fair ‘17 5’8 G Vanden
Makayla Edwards ‘19 5’8 G Salesian
Zakiya Williams ‘17 5’5 PG Enochs
Karisma Ortiz ‘18 6’0 G Archbishop Mitty
Bailey Hawkins ‘17 6’0 F Antelope
Lauren Richardson ‘17 5’11 F Inderkum
Ziyah Starks ‘17 5’3 PG Castro Valley
Kate McClard ‘18 5’10 F Hanford
Archer Olson ‘17 6’0 F Gunn
Jada Moss ‘19 5’10 G St. Mary’s
Sam Erisman ‘17 5’9 PG Menlo School
Ambreece Gaskins ‘18 5’6 PG Stevenson
Mele Finau ‘19 5’9 G Dublin
Ali Bamberger ‘19 6’3 C Carondelet

Middle School

Michaela Young ‘24 5’3 PG Roosevelt
Chloe Boron-Trotter ‘21 5’2 PG Elkhorn
Amira Brown ‘21 5’5 G Longfellow
Simone Johnson ‘21 5’3 G California
Mallorie Haines ‘21 5’7 G Olympus
Madison Roberts ‘21 5’7 C Glenn Edwards
Grace Florendo ‘21 5’7 G St Joseph
Alyssa Sandle ‘21 5’2 PG Buljan
Madison Sandle ‘21 5’7 F Buljan
Siena Guttadauro ‘22 4’10 G St. Christopher
Alana Balocating ‘21 5’3 G Force
Alaiyah San Juan ‘21 5’0 PG Saint Veronica Catholic
April Tuason ‘21 4’10 PG Westborough
Kimani Holloway ‘20 5’6 F St. Francis of Assisi
Jzaniya Harriel ‘21 5’8 G Antelope Crossing
Maci James ‘21 5’9 F Rio Vista
Samantha Johnston ‘21 5’10 G Joaquin Moraga
Zoe Tillery ‘22 5’1 PG Carroll
Paisley Specht ‘21 5’7 G Twelve Bridges
Kendra Grant ‘21 5’6 G Fallon
Abigail Devera ‘21 5’5 F Force
Ashley Ng ‘21 5’0 PG St. Anne’s
Kapua Hin ‘21 5’6 F Rivera
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