Grand Finale 2014


The Elite Prospect Games are now called the Grand Finale. Games will be played on Saturday, August 9th from 12pm-5pm at Skyline College, 3300 College Dr, San Bruno,Ca. Admission is $5. This event is always fun and the girls tend to put on a show. These girls were selected by the evaluators from our Queens Court event back in June. Below are the list of names on who will be participating at which times. Teams will be finalized a week before the event.

Team A Youngsters 12pm

Amerika De Los Santos 5’0 G
Naomi Dillard 5’0 PG
Alyssa Topete 5’5 G
Rylee Sarasua 5’6 G
Mariah Dunlap 5’4 PG
Alayah Bell 5’2 PG
Janiya Sevilla 5’4 G
Titah Fa’aita 5’10 C
Bubbah Fa’aita 5’10 C
Haley Jones 5’9 PG

Team B

Carla Pelino 5’10 F
Savanna Arce 5’7 F
Kaylin Randhawa 5’11 F
Dylan Benitez 4’7 PG
Mia Sheppard 5’1 G
Amber Gainer 5’5 G
Kaysie Watanabe 4’11 PG
Aliyah Consani-Baker 5’9 F
Rebecca Welsh 5’0 PG
Meghna Nair 5’5 F



Team A 1:20 Youngsters Part 2

Anjel Galbraith 5’2 G
Delia Moore 5’5 G
Jasmine Henderson 5’7 F
Yaniah Fleming 5’3 G
Haley Van Dyke 5’10 C
Rainah Smith 5’8 G
Leah Walton 5’3 PG
Katrina King 5’2 G
Tal Webb 5’10 F
Nailah Dillard 5’4 PG


Team B

Jayden Benitez 5’0 PG
Ryanne Walters 5’4 PG
Makayla Edwards 5’8 F
Hannah Jump 5’9 F
Avery Cargill 5’5 PG
Asia Palega 5’8 F
Kamryn Hall 5’10 F
Brittney Cedeno 5’8 PG
Briana Claros 5’3 PG


Team A 2:40pm The Leaders

Lizzie Moore 6’2 C
Mylah Andrada 5’7 G
Alyssa Lorenzo 5’8 PG
Lauren Koyama 5’8 PG
Mandy Silver 5’10 F
Lexi-Bell White 5’9 F
Jasmine Davis 5’5 G


Team B

Natalie Diaz 5’10 G
Jordan Morales 5’9 F
Cydnee Kinslow 6’1 F
Jahnay Anderson 5’4 G
Sadie Allen 5’9 F
Kylie Kiech 5’8 PG
Victoria Duenas 5’10 F
Zavanna Negron 5’3 PG



Team A 4pm The Leaders Part 2

Caitlin Keding 5’11 F
Ariana Abdulmassih 6’2 F
Ayzhiana Basallo 5’5 PG
Courtesy Clark 5’9 G
Kian McNair 5’6 PG
Seuvahnia Kuka 5’7 G
Jordyn Bell 6’1 F
Kayla Coloyan 5’3 PG
Marisa Mondave 5’9 G
Nina Bessolo 5’11 F


Team B

Sierra Smith 5’5 PG
Kamira Sanders 5’6 PG
Mariah Elzy 5’11 P
Julia Blackshell-Fair 5’7 G
Katie Rathbun 6’0 F
Kyanna Davis 5’8 G
Yazmeen Goo 5’10 F
Janessa Manzano 5’9 G
Madison Witcher 5’6 PG


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