The Mixtape 2016

The Mixtape Showcase will be Invite Only featuring 60 of the best 2020-2017 players all under one roof.  The event will take place on Friday, Sept 23rd at McEachern High School 2400 New MacLand Rd, Powder Springs, Ga. Since its during the Evaluation Period we will be inviting College Coach’s in the D1, D2, D3, NAIA, and JUCO programs. This will be a great opportunity for the college coach’s to see you compete in this competitive setting. Registration ends Sunday, Sept 18th.mixtape

High School Players: It’s not required that you register with the NCAA ELIGIBILITY CENTER. But we highly recommend that you do so prior to this event to furnish D1 and D2 coaches your Ten Digit NCAA Code, so they will be able to track your academic progress through high school. Click here


NCAA Certified Event

College Coach’s All games will begin at their scheduled times, the collegiate packets will contain accurate up-to-date roster and player information. Coaches will be able to pre-register for the event now. Click Here to register.

All players please try to bring your own basketball, we will have some available.

Session 1 Middle School

4:30pm Check-in & NCAA Video
5pm Drills and Skills
5:25pm Break into teams
5:30pm-7pm  3 Games to play in front of College Coach’s

Session 2 High School

6:30pm Check-in/ NCAA video
7pm Drills and Skills
7:25pm Break into teams
7:30pm-9pm 3 Games to play in front of College Coach’s

Confirmed Players

Chelsea Aalim
Jaleah Storr
Jordan Isaacs
Addison Harrison
Ja’Niah Alexander
tyler collins
Nubia Benedith
Amani Jones
Sidney Sims
Evie DePetro
Emma Harig
Shelby Glance
Sallie Schutz
Courtney Ogden
Cameron Swartz
Divine Drayton
YaMea’ Elliott
Elicia Threatt
Katherine Fourie
Alyssa Cagle
Olympia Chaney
Makayla Schymanski
Shaiauna Blanding
Anaya Boyd
Kaziah Terrell
Naomi Holloway
Reina Mitchom
Jade Dodd-Mungin
Chanel Wilson
Jazmin Robinson
Raven Johnson
Kennedy Freeman
Raven Thompson
Erina Shin
Devyn Wilson
Anisa Clark
Amariah Stanard
Leah Middleton
Tamiah Lewis
Caria Reynolds
Emily Carver
Caitlin McGee
Elysa Wesolek
Kennedi Williams
Kamryn Bates
Macey Carson
Shareka McNeill
Shameka McNeill
Bailey Trumm
Reagan Trumm
Mariyah Fletcher
Jasmine Peaks
Jelissa Reese
Brooke Moore
Bridget Utberg
Eden Sample
Jewel Smalls
shekinah guthrie
Aubry Maulden
Alyssa Phillip
Jada Scott
Jadyn Scott
Javyn Nicholson
Taylor Aikerson
Cynthia Walton
Simone Lett
Jaron Stallworth
Bria Harmon
Amelia Osgood
Jenice Bailey
Mariah Edmonds
Aisya Davis
Shamari Begley
Daimaya McPherson
Amber Hunt
Greta Hayes
Elizabeth Balogun
Jazmine Massengill
Treasure Hunt
Ruth Balogun
Asha Mckinley
CyC White
Zharia Hutchinson
Rokia Doumbia
Dylann Claybrook
Kamilla Soares
Lauren Williams
Simone Lett
Morgan Johnson
Grace Armfield
Taylor Hosendove
Deasia Merrill
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